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VOLUME : 04             ISSUE: 08    AUGUST 2023

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Cover Page and Index

01 Drivers of Postharvest Losses of Fruits and Vegetables in Nigeria - Bamishaiye Eunice I. and Otenaike Oluwakemi E.

02 National Education Policy-Way forward for Agriculture Education - Mahesh Kadam and Supriya Kadam

03 Environmental and Water Quality Management in Biofloc Technology - S. Manickavasagam, Stephen Sampath Kumar, M. Ponmani, S.Mariappan, and C.Sudhan

04 Pollen Grains: Nature's Tiny Witnesses in Criminal Investigations - Kimee Hiuna Minj and Shailja Singh

05 Understanding Carbon Footprinting: Measuring and Reducing Environmental Impact - Arun Kumar Kondeti, Desam Lakshmi Kalyani and M. Jyostna Kiranmai

06 Probing the Power of Proteomics: Unraveling the Significance in Vegetable Crop Research - Mahesha K .N. and Apoorva Guddaraddi

07 Application of Artificial intelligence in Agriculture, especially in Soil Science - Prasad B. Margal and Nihal S. Titirmare

08 Opportunities for the Growth of Fisheries Sector in India - Suvetha Venkatachalapathi

09 Sustainable Development: Environmental, Social, and Economic Integration for Rural Development - Nishtha Pradarshika Rai

10 Innovative Approaches to Stimulate Fruit Crop Growth using Plant Growth Regulators - Parveen and RPS Dalal

11 Unleashing Different Types and Future Frontiers of Mutation Breeding - Mahesha, K .N. and Apoorva, Guddaraddi

12 Carbon Neutral and its Importance in Agriculture - Nihal Titirmare and Prasad Margal

13 Challenges Faced by the Fisheries Sector in India - Suvetha Venkatachalapathi

14 Impact of Industrialization on the Environment - Arushi Shekhawat, Anjali Juyal and Hemu Rathore

15 Nanotechnology in Agriculture: Exploring Applications and Future Pathways - Mahesha K. N. and Apoorva Guddaraddi

16 Shedding Light on Plant Health: Current Methods and Exciting Advances in Disease Detection - Gadhave Amruta, Shewale Shraddha and Lalit Patil

17 Yellow Sapota (Egg fruit): A nutritive Food - Parveen and RPS Dalal

18 Seed Treatment Strategies for Enhancing Crop Resilience and Performance - Mahesha K. N. and Apoorva Guddaraddi

19 Abscisic Acid- A Stress Antagonist - Prathibha B T and Nagajyothi G N

20 Nano Fertilizers - Aishwarya Rathod and Sunil Kinge

21 Bees and Their Dangerous Enemies - Taskeen Hussain and Pallavi Ghosh

22 Interrelationship between Man, Environment and Economic Growth - Jyoti Jaiman, Anjali Juyal and Hemu Rathore

23 Human Diets- Polluting The Environment And Threatening Animal Existence - Rupali Jain,  Anjali Juyal and Hemu Rathore

24 Single Use Plastic: Paving Way to Environmental Protection or Economic Crisis - Batool Kanorwala, Anjali Juyal and Hemu Rathore

25 Gynandromorphism in Tropical Tasar Silkworm, Antheraea mylitta D. (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) - Sangeeta Dash

26 Drought, Losses Occuring and Mitigation Strategies for Major Crops of Telangana - N. Navatha

27 Biosensors for Environmental Monitoring - M.Ponmani, P.Padmavathy, V.Rani, D.Manimekalai, and S.Manickavasagam

28 Principles of Cell Disruption Methods - Ankit Kumar Deshmukh, Sumit Mehta, P.S. Minz, Hitesh Rohit, Santosh Chopde

29 Microbial Fuel Cells - Jagadeesh, U., Ganesh, H. S. and Srikanth, G. S.

30 Fish Amino Acid – An Organic Liquid Fertilizer - Masilan. K., Santhiya.V, Muralidhran, N, Nimish Mol Stephen

31 Unlocking the Potential of Carbon Sequestration: A Pathway to Climate Change Mitigation - A.R. Abirami, D. Manikandavelu, B.R. Sona, S. Aruna, K. Masilan, and G. Vijay Sundar Deva

32 Eco-Friendly Gulal: A Sustainable Approach towards Healthier Environment - Pooja Kumari, Anjali Sudhakar, Gautam Kunal, Jag Pal and Dibyanshu Shekhar

33 Micropropogation of Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus L.) - Taware Sopan Shivaji and Muthe Santosh Tukaram

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