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VOLUME : 01             ISSUE: 08        DECEMBER  2020

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Cover Page and Index


01. Phosphorus Solubilizing Microorganisms (PSMs) and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF): A Sustainable Solution for Phosphorus Nutrition in the CropsHemant S. Maheshwari, Richa Agnihotri, Abhishek Bharti, Sanjeev Kumar, and Laxman Singh Rajput


02. Climate Change and its Impact on Sericulture Jadhav A. L.

03. Impact of COVID‑19 and Lockdown on Agricultural Markets: Evaluating the Role of Market PoliciesShalini Sinha and Md Hasrat Ali

04. Women in Indian Agriculture- Feminization of Agriculture S. Lokesh Babu and T. Sri Chandana

05. Mushroom Cultivation : A Tool for Doubling Farming Income Amita Pachori, Rita Kapil Narvariya and Mukesh Kumar yadav

06. Extension Approaches for Conservation of Indigenous Crops for Sustainable Agriculture DevelopmentChinmayi V. and Harisha N.

07. Role of Botanicals in Plant Disease ManagementSukanya Gogoi and Dipanjali Baruati

08. Organic farming in IndiaDipanjali Baruati and Sukanya Gogoi

09. Management of Fruit Fly under Organic FarmingAyan Das and Jayita Hore

10. Pitcher Irrigation: The Boon for Small Scale IrrigationPatil S. P. and Chavan S. V.

11. Soybean: Know Your Beneficial and Harmful MicroorganismsHemant S. Maheshwari, Sanjeev Kumar, Laxman Singh Rajput, Abhishek Bharti, Richa Agnihotri , and Divyanshu Goswami

12. Post-Harvest Losses and Management in SugarcaneRaktim Bhagawati and Shantonu Paul

13. Onion Storage: Factors Responsible For Post Harvest Losses Wale V. D., Patil P. V., Desai Y. S. and Dhamal S. D.

14. Effect of Climate Change on Food and Nutrition SecurityAdsure R. M., Nimbalkar K. H. and Jadhav C. B.

15. Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmer’s Rights Act Pawar A. P., Patil U. H. and Kadge N. R.

16. Northern Leaf Blight of MaizeDeshmukh S. K., Patil L. P., Pawar S. Y., Navasare   M. G., Ghante P. H.

17. Custard Apple and its Health Benefits Maske S. V., John David, Shelke S. A.

18. Role of Biotechnological Tools in Crop Production Jadhav C. B., Adsure R. M. and Khaire P. B.

19. Seed Viability and Accelerated Ageing Test Vitnor S. S., Ingole D. G., and Bharade V. M.

20. Know Your Agriculturally Important Soil Microorganisms: An Overview Hemant S. Maheshwari, Smruthi Sagarika Mahapatra, Abhishek Bharti, Laxman Singh Rajput, Richa Agnihotri, and Sanjeev Kumar.

21. Smart NPK Soil Sensor: Step towards Precision Agriculture Karad S.C. and Mundhe S. S.

22. Seed Endophytic Microorganisms: The Seed We Eat is Not Sterile Hemant S. Maheshwari, Laxman Singh Rajput, Smruthi Sagarika Mahapatra, Richa Agnihotri, Abhishek Bharti, Sanjeev Kumar and Divyanshu Goswami

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