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VOLUME : 03             ISSUE: 02      FEBRUARY  2022

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Cover Page and Index

01 Eri Culture for the Sustainable Livelihood of Tribal People of Assam - Monimala Saikia, Shilpa Saikia and Pompi Konwar

02 Trap Fishing- A Resource-Specific Diversified Technique - S. Mariappan and T. Ravikumar

03 Soil Chemical Analysis - Titrations and Indicators - S. Arun Kumar

04 A Brief Review on Biodiversity of Pollinators - Manoj Kumar Jena, Satikanta Sahoo and Parmar Pravinbhai Raysangbhai

05 Functional Genomics: Application in Crop Improvement - Amaresh and Aswini Nunavath

06 Increasing Fish Production by Use of Recent Trends in Fisheries - Vignesh V. and Velmurugan P.

07 Thrips: A Destructive Pest - Dwarka and Anand Kumar Panday

08 Drag Net used for Harvesting Vannamei Shrimp of Tamil Nadu - V. Durai, M. Kalaiarasan and N. Neethiselvan

09 Nature in Miniature – Bonsai -Masanagari Supriya and Thunam Srikanth

10 Production Technology of Banana - Nisarga G., Kantharaju V.,   Nagesh Naik and Harshitha S. B.

11 Robotics in Dairy and Food Processing Sector: A Review -Shweta Solanke, Avinash Kakade and Gopal U. Shinde

12 Design of Refrigeration Van Container for Preservation of Perishable Products-Seedlings - Tanzim Khan, Gopal Shinde and Khemchand Kapgate

13 Vehicle Mounted Scissor lift (Mobile Platform) for Various Agricultural and Industrial Applications - Tanzim Khan, Gopal Shinde and Khemchand Kapgate

14 Food Processing Industry in India: Challenges and Opportunities - Hattalli A. D., Koli S. C., Jagadale S. G. and Nirmal O. A.

15 Application of Ethylene in Safed Velachi Banana as Per the Market Demand - Gaonkar Y. A., Parulekar Y.R., Haldvanekar P.C. and Patil R. S.

16 Role of Crop Insurance in Sustaining Agricultural Production in India - Palvi Sharma

17 Entrepreneurship in Agriculture - Peddi Naga Harsha Vardhan

18 RNA interference (RNAi): An Evolutionary Approach - Mukul, Sandhya and Manoj Kumar

19 Adoption of  IPM in Indian Agriculture - Vinod Kumar Dubey, Sanjay Kumar Sahoo, B. Sujatha and Abhibandana Das

20 Pest Management of Yellow Stem Borer, Scirophagaincertulas (Walker) in Rice - Rakesh, Kamlesh Kumar and Vikas

21 Nanospray Drying in Food Processing - Sumit Mehta and Vidushi Mehta

22 Spirulina as a Feed Supplement in Aqua Feed - S Jeyaprakashsabari, M V Rajeshwari and T Nivetha

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