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VOLUME : 04             ISSUE: 06      JUNE 2023

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Cover Page and Index

01 Strengthening Cooperative Movement in the Country and Deepening its Reach Up to the GrassrootsMahesh Kadam and Aditya Jagdish

02 Change Management: Concept, Strategies and ModelsC. Sreelakshmi1 and B. Gopichand

03 The Guava Fruit Fly: Challenges and Eco-Friendly Management- Jai Parkash, Aslam Khan and Mukesh Bishnoi

04 Phytocytokines and its Role in Plant ImmunityShadab M. Khatib, Pooja P. S. and K. A. Sindhura

05 BIOFUEL-Farm to Industry through Cooperative Institutional FrameworkHema Yadav  and Mahesh Kadam

06 Promoting Sustainable Agriculture through Livestock-Based Integrated Farming System -Alemmoa R Jamir, Neizolie Rio, Imtimongla and Nchumthung Murry

07 Soil Health Card scheme Lade A.H. , Dhengle, A.S., and Ingle S.N.

08 How Does A Plant Sense Shade?Nalishma Raghu, Viji M.M. and Ammu Alphonsa John

09 Mechanization in Value addition of BananaMaddali Anusha

10 Nutritional Value of Garlic with Health Benefits Dikkar Prashant M. and  D’souza Prashant M.

11 Environmental Impact of Dairy Waste: Waste Lifecycle Assessment Deepali Chandwani, Anjali Juyal and Hemu Rathore

12 Fish Skin: A Good Source of Protein and Peptides Ulaganathan Arisekar

13 Dissolved Solids and Minerals in Water - Aquaculture Context S. Manickavasagam, P.Padmavathy, V.Rani, D.Manimekalai , M. Ponmani, and S.Subashree Devasena

14 Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) Sawant Sanket R

15 Melatonin: A Multifunctional Indoleamine with Powerful Antioxidant PropertiesHaobijam Sanjita Devi, Chongtham Rajiv and Asamanja Chattoraj

16 Drought and its Potential Impacts on AgricultureChakane S. R

17 Anthropogenic Threats to Fishery ResourcesPonmani M., P. Padmavathy, V. Rani, D. Manimekalai and Manickavasagam S.

18 Ruminal Tympany/ Bloat: Clinical Signs, Types and RemediesChavan Malati Kakasaheb and  Bhosale Tushar Rajendra

19 Coral Gardening: An Innovative Technique to Management and Conservation of the Degraded Habitats of Coral Hari Prasad Mohale, P. Jawahar, N. Jayakumar, G. Arul Oli, and T. Ravikumar

20 Cisgenesis: Novel Approach for Crop Improvement Sandhya, Mukul and Manoj Kumar

21 Squid Jigging TechnologyS. Archana

22 Application of Satellite remote sensing technology in Fishing TechnologyRavikumar T.,  Mariappan S. and Karthy A.

23 Diatoms: Unveiling Nature's Silent Witnesses in Forensic ScienceKimee Hiuna Minj and Shailja Singh

24 From Genes to Justice: Exploring the Correlation between Biotechnology and Forensic ScienceShailja Singh and Kimee Hiuna Minj

25 Carbon Trading: A Key Mechanism for Climate Change Mitigation under the Kyoto Protocol and, Empowering Businesses and Encouraging Environmental ResponsibilitySunil Kumar Prajapati, Parmeswar Dayal, Vipin Kumar, Ananya Gairola

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