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VOLUME : 02             ISSUE: 09       SEPTEMBER  2021

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Cover Page and Index

01 EcoHealth Paradigm: To Improve One Health and Sustainability -Ananya Mohapatra, Sanghratna V Bahire and Bhalerao A. K.

02 Herbicide Resistance in Weeds and its Management -Sabia Akhter, Ambreen Nabi, Rukhsana Jan and Khurshid Ahmad Sofi

03 Sustainability and Biological Control in Pest Management -Rajnni Dogra and Bhalerao A. K.

04 System of Rice Intensification (SRI): A Resource Conservation Technology -Sabia Akhter, Ambreen Nabi  and Rukhsana Jan

05 Drones and Pest Management -Rajnni Dogra and Bhalerao A. K.

06 Importance of Water Quality Management in Whiteleg Shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) Farming -V. Durai, M.Alagappan and P. Yuvarajan

07 Sustainable Fisheries in Bhima River of Maharashtra: Status and Measures -Ankush Kamble, Bhalerao A.K., Ananthan PS and Shivaji Argade

08 An Overview of Fish Maw and its Potential Benefits -Veeramani Maruthi K N, V.Durai, Bharathipriya R. and Bharathi S.

09 One Health: A Veterinary Perspective -Ananya Mohapatra, Sanghratna V Bahire and Bhalerao A. K.

10 Soil Management: An Important Aspect for Sustainable Farming -Deshmukh U. V., Basavraj  Biradar., Kale S. P.,Dhole R. R. and Bhalerao A. K.

11 Mulching, Leaf Colour Chart, Surface Seeding And Controlled Traffic Farming As Agronomic Practices For Maintaining And Enhancing Soil Fertility -Sabia Akhter, Ambreen Nabi  and Rukhsana Jan

12 Site-Specific Nutrient Management: A Need-Based Approach to Sustainable Agriculture -Ankita Nath

13 Viral Diseases of Bovine: Care & Management  -Bhosale T. R. and Chavan M. K.

14 Methodologies for Application of Resource Conservation Technologies (RCTs) -Vaibhav Pandey

15 Effect of Bed Planting On Yield in Rice Wheat Cropping System -Sabia Akhter, Ambreen Nabi , Iram Farooq and Rukhsana Jan

16 Sustainable Agriculture: A Review -Aakash Sunaratiya and Rupali P. Kapgate

17 Importance of Micronutrients in Flower Crops -Swapnil Raghatate and Balkishor Muradi

18 Lawn: Importance, Types, Methods of Establishment and Maintenance -Swapnil Raghatate and Balkishor Muradi

19 Soil Colloids and its Properties -S. Arunkumar

20 Reconstruction of Self Help Group through Essential Changes in Effective Way after COVID-19 Outbreak and Maintain It in COVID-19 Scenario -Shivangini and Subuhi Nishad

21 Vertical Farming Sustainable or Not? -Deepsikha

22 Beekeeping and Associated With Products of Honey Bee -Dwarka

23 Applications of Molecular Markers in Plant Breeding -Aware S. A.

24 Essential Oils: An Important Tool for Management of Postharvest Pathogens of Fruits -Ratul Moni Ram

25 Role of Entomopathogenic Fungi in Insect Pest Management -D. S. Patel and D. M. Jethva

26 Formal Financial Access of the FPOs/FPCs at Different Stage of Business Cycle - Ajit Kumar Rowniyar, Kadam M.M., and Hema Yadav

27 Alcohol and COVID-19 - Surve V. D., Kamble S. A. and Tompe T. H.

28 Terrace Gardening: A Way Forward to Green Living - Yachna Sood, Nimit Kumar and Saroj Rani

29 Healthy Beetroot Ladoo; An Overview - Patil S. P., Korde S. D. and Kolekar P. B.

30 A Review of Nutritive Values of Green Leafy Vegetables in Human Diet - Bankar P. B., Panchal V. V., Mahajan P. J. and Darekar A. S.

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