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             All the authors submitting articles must be Annual Member of AgriCos e-Newsletter.

             Articles must satisfy the minimum quality requirement and Plagiarism Policy

Manuscript Content:




             Main body



Manuscript Preparation: 

             Manuscript page limit is 2- 5 pages.

             Write manuscript in Times New Roman with font size 12 point in single spacing. 

The title should be short and catchy.  Must be centered at top of page in Bold with Capitalize Each Word case. 
Authors Names, designations and affiliations:
             It should be on left below the title.   Designations and affiliations should be given below the Authors’ Names. 
             Indicate corresponding author by giving asterisk (*)

It should summarize the content of the article written in simple sentences. (Word limit 100 -150)  

Introduction must present main idea of article. It should be well explained but must be limited to the topic.

Main Body:
The main body of an article may include multiple paragraphs relevant to topic.

             Add brief subheads at appropriate places.  

             It should be informative and completely self-explanatory.

             *Tables which are included in image format will not be accepted here.

The conclusion of a popular article needs to summarize the content and purpose of article. 

             Format for Journal Articles: 

             Author Surname Initials (Year of publication) Title of article.Title of journal full: Volume Number (Issue Number): Page Numbers. 
             Format for Books: 
             Author Surname Initials. Title: subtitle. Edition (if not the first). Place of publication: Publisher; Year. 
             Format for Websites: 
             Author Surname Initials (if available). Title of Website [Internet]. Place of publication: Publisher;

             Date of First Publication [Date of last update; cited date]. Available from: URL. 




Submit Original Manuscripts (Plagiarism Free) in Microsoft Word format as per Authors Guideline though email:


along with scanned copy of duly signed Copyright Form.


NOTE: Without duly signed Copyright Form, submitted manuscript will not be processed. 


Copyright Form

Membership Form

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