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VOLUME : 03             ISSUE: 04      APRIL  2022

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Cover Page and Index

01 Miracle Oil - Thunam Srikanth and N. Seenivasan

02 Nanotechnology:  A Recent Approach to Combat Marine Biofouling - V. Naganandhini, S. Mariappan and T. Ravikumar

03 Mutation Breeding for Crop Improvement - Jayashhri Folane and Yashoda Etther

04 Exploiting Water Use Efficiency in an Era of Climate Change - Srikanth G. A.

05 Hand Lift net (Kattukambu valai) used in Inland water areas of Cauvery delta districts of Tamil Nadu - V.Durai and M.Kalaiarasan

06 Management of Fruit Flies through Various Trapping Techniques - Sneha Tiwari  and Pogula Kranthi

07 Impact of Nano-Sensors in Agriculture for Sustainable Crop Improvement - Srikanth G.A., Vishal, K.V., Arepalli Naveen, K., Syed Mohammed F. H., Kiran, M., and Dhanush, N.M.

08 Novel Approaches of Nanotechnology Applications in Precision Farming - Srikanth G.A., Abhishek, S.K., Chiranjeevi C.M., and Arpitha H.K.

09 Fluorescent in Situ Hybridization (FISH) - Jayashri Folane and Yashoda Etther

10 Winged bean – A nutritionally rich underutilized legume crop - Karande P.J.

11 An Insight into Molecular Mechanisms of Plant Disease Resistance - Anik Majumdar

12 Agriculture Waste Recycling With Nanotechnology for Betterment Agricultural Production - Srikanth G.A., Ravikumar C. S., Mahalinghaswamy S. S., Deeksha D., Mahima Gowda R.S., Shamya Rai, B.

13 Molecular Markers Used in Wheat Breeding - Vijeta Gupta

14 Colchicum autumnale – A view onNaked lady plant - R.Muthuvijayaragavan

15 Nanofertilizers in Seed Priming and Foliar Applications of Nanomaterial on Plant Growth and Development - Srikanth G.A., Karan K.A.V., Akshay, G.R., Sirisha, P.S., Bhavana, G.V. and Chaitra, V.

16 Ghost Fishing: Invisible Killers in the Oceans - S. Archana

17 Potato Production under Organic Farming and IFS - Mohit Singh, Amandeep Sharma and Nimit Kumar

18 Role of Biofertilizers for Improvement of Silkworm Host Plant - P. Borah and A. Singha

19 Utilizing Potential of Image Processing Techniques in Identifying Plant Phenotypic Characteristics: A Case Study - Preety Dagar, Kamlesh Kumar and Simardeep Kaur

20 Upgraded New Era of Handling-Segregating Generations with Pedigree Method - Srikanth G. A., Basavaraj V.H., Rohan V.B., Nithin B.S. and Uttam  G.

21 Role of Agricultural Credit in Improving the Livelihood of Farming Households in India - Barre Jyothsna Priyadarshini

22 Trichoderma: A potential biocontrol fungus for ecofriendly disease management - Jogender

23 Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster) - A model organism for Genetic Research - R. Muthuvijayaragavan

24 A Novel Study of Pure Line Theory and Applied Genetical Modification of Mass Selection - Srikanth G. A., Peddisetti Roshini., Bhavana, G.V. Sirisha P.S. and Sindhu N.S.

25 A Novel Study on Application of Hybridization Techniques in Plant Breeding - Srikanth G.A., Thomas jabaraj  D., Tejashwini  N., Anagha J  Naik., Lokesh G.M., Dinesh B. and Basavaraj V.H.

26 Role of Plasticulture in Vegetable Production - Karande P.J.,  Makhan Majoka and Mane N.V.

27 Eco- Friendly Feeding Strategies for Composite Fish Culture - M. Mohamed Faizullah, J. Jaculine Pereira

28 Cobalt: The Essential Nutrient for Plant Growth? - Aakash Sunaratiya, Sanskriti and Anurag Bera

29 Ocimum spp.: An Oyster in Plant Kingdom- Manoj Kumar Jena and Satikanta Sahoo

30 Bioplastic: An Alternative to Plastic Pollution - Arun Konduri, Sushree Akankshya Das, Gora Shiva Prasad and Debiprasad Kantal

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