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VOLUME : 01             ISSUE: 04        AUGUST  2020

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Cover Page and Index

01. Index of Banks in India - An Overview - V. Keerthana and K. Manikandan 

02. Edible Mushrooms: Nutritional and Medicinal Values - Gadhave A. D., Phondekar U. R. and Kadam S. M.

03. A God (Buffalo) of Coastal Andhra Pradesh Farmers - Thangamani. A

04. Tamarind: Powdery Mildew Disease - K. Manikandan and V. Keerthana

05. Role of E- Commerce Platforms in this Modern Digital Era - A. Divakaran and V. Keerthana  

06. Bacterial wilt of Solanaceous Crops: Identification and Management - Phondekar U. R., Salvi P. P. and Bhure S. S.

07. Entrepreneurship in Indian Agriculture - Challenges and Opportunities - Kadam S. M. and Phondekar U. R.

08. Role of Indoor Plants for Improving the Air Quality of Urban and Peri-Urban Areas - Savant A. N., Dalvi N. V., Gorivale A. A., Salvi B. R. and Kadam M. S.

09. Precision Farming: The Future of Indian Agriculture - Bhuwad A. V., Kulkarni M. M., Nirmal O. A., Raykar M. M., Ghormade A. S.

10. Employment Generation through Agripreneurship - Naik G. V. and Sawant P. A.

11. Integrated Plant Nutrient System (IPNS) - Palsande V. N.

12. Trichoderma: A Bio-Control Agent for the Management of Soil Born Diseases - Kadam R.V., Neetiraj Karotiya and Kolhe P. S.

13. Impacts and Strategies for Doubling of Farmers Income By 2022 - Sumanth Kumar G. V.

14. Multi-Omics: A New Approach for Breeding Crop Varieties - Sanket Rathi, P. K. Singh, Bapsila Loitongbam and Sameer Upadhyay

15. Black Pepper is King of Spices in Inherent Medicinal Properties - Maske S. V., John David and Shelke S.A.

16. Importance of Remote sensing in Soil Science - Kabir Debbarma

17. CADD: An Emerging Approach in Plant Pathology Drug Discovery - Loitongbam Ashakiran Devi

18. Post Genital Appendages in Insects - Bochare G. D., Shinde S. S., and Kashid V. S. Nawale J. S.

19. Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) for Sustainable Agriculture -Th. Anupama Devi and S. Bijayalakshmi Devi

20. Role of Tritrophic Interactions in Pest Management - Shinde, S. S., Kashid V. S. and Kumbhar S.C.

21. Biofortification: An Option for Nutrition Revolution - Gayatri Sahu and Pragyan Paramita Rout 5

22. Role of Artificial Diets in Sericulture - Bhupen Kumar Sahu and Ipsita Samal

23. Role of Micronutrients in Fruit Crops - Mane N.C., Bhuwad A. V., Varadkar R.S., and Nirmal O. A.

24. Biological Weed Control - Kolekar A. B., Dadmal K. D. and Navhale V. C.

25. Switch Grass – A future Unlock for Biodiesel - Satya Praveen P. and Surya Teja V.

26. Health Benefits of Jackfruit - Solanke G.M., Dubbewar P.P. and Maske S. V.

27. Reversion of Autopolyploids into Diploids - Magar S. G.

28. Effect of Seed Coating for Seed Quality Enhancement in Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) - Ranjana Tiwari

29. Fast Facts on Blueberries - Chorage C. A. and Kamble S. R

30. Precision Farming: The Future of Indian Agriculture - Bhuwad A. V., Kulkarni M. M, Nirmal O. A., Raykar M. M. , Ghormade A. S.

31. Artificial Seed - Raskar A.S., Phadtare A.R., and Raut D.M.

32. The New Paradigm- Hydroponics Technology - Kapare P. B, Kolekar A.B, Palghadmal R. M and Gaikwad S. R.

33. Drip Irrigation: Pivotal Type of Irrigation System - Palghadmal S. M, Kolekar A. B. and Palghadmal R. M.

34. Role of Mulch in Agriculture - Gaikwad S. R., Kolekar A. B., Palghadmal R. M. and Palghadmal S. M.

35. Medicinal Value of Weeds - Manmohan Mittal and Nimit Kumar

36. Development of Horticulture Based Cropping Systems for Livelihood Security of Small and Marginal Farmers - Varadkar R. S., Bhuwad A. V., Mane N. C. and Nirmal O. A.

37. Sprinkler Irrigation - Navhale V. C., Kolekar A. B. and Dadmal K. D.

38. Drumstick- The New Superfood - Suchismita Mohapatra, Sai Parasar Das, Pragyan Parimita Rout and Chitta Ranjan Mahapatra

39. Submergence Tolerance in Rice Cultivars - Asha Pallujam

40. Micronutrients: Function, Deficiency Symptoms and its Control Measures-Inamke P. S., Kolekar A. B., Palghadmal R. M. and Palghadmal S. M.

41. Applications of Global Positioning System (GPS) in Agriculture -Jadhav M.D., Kolekar A. B., Palghadmal R. M. and Palghadmal S. M.

42. Scenario of Yellow Mosaic Virus on Pulses in India - Meghana D. P.

43. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Organic Farming - Palghadmal R. M., Kolekar A. B., Salunkhe S. A. and Palghadmal S. M.

44. Fertigation: Innovations in Micro Irrigation Technology - Shinde M. K., Kolekar A. B., Palghadmal R. M. and Palghadmal S. M.

45. Combining Ability – Importance and Utilization of in Plant Breeding - Rajane A.R. and Sasane P. R.

46. Socioeconomic Status of Agricultural Labours in India - Rathod Y. D., Panchal S. R. and Khare A. L.

47. Genetically Encoded Biosensors: A New Method of Detecting Molecular Interactions -Bahatkar B. P. and Sirsat V. M.

48. Nutrient Dynamics in Relation to Soil Plant System - Kakde G. C., Gourkhede P. H. and Shilewant S. S.

49. Problems and Prospects of Contract Farming in India -Ramnath K. Ray, Meera Kumari, Puja Sinha, Ashish Umrao and Subhransu Nayak 141 -

50. Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITKs); To Promote Organic Farming - Wale V. D. and Patil P. V.

51. Crop Heterosis Utilization - Sasane P. R., Rajane A. R. and Sirsat V. M.

52. Unemployment: as a Measure of the Health of the Indian Economy - Arunima Konar and Sudip Nayak

53. Cultivation of Strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) Under Greenhouse Condition - Krishan Kumar Singh

54. Necessity of Medicinal Plants Cultivation - Sirsat V. M., Bahatkar B. P., Rajane A. R. and Sasane P. R.

55. Nutrient Management to Sustain Crop Productivity in Calcareous Soil - Shilewant S. S., Kakde G. C. and Zade S. P.

56. Crop Insurance in India - Bodakhe G.M

57. High Density Planting System in Fruit Crops - Choudhary S. M., Sarkar Tanmoy and Magar V. G.

58. Agronomic Zinc Biofortification in Cereal Crops - Sorokhaibam Bijayalakshmi Devi and Th. Anupama Devi

59. Role of Intellectual Property Rights in Food Safety: A Review - Deshpande H. W., Katke S. D. and Srivastava S. S.

60. Castration in Piglet - Ngangkham James Singh, Gaurav Jain and Ajit Singh

61. Molecular Biology of Plant Tolerant to Saline Soil - Yengkhom Linthoingambi Devi

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