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VOLUME : 02             ISSUE: 08       AUGUST  2021

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Cover Page and Index

01 Plant to Plant Communication and Self-Defence against Insect PestDharmendra Singh Lagoriya and Sangeeta Bhandari

02 Crab Meal - Waste From Seafood Processing Units: A Good Alternative Protein Source for Fish Meal in Aqua FeedJeyaprakashsabari S. and Aanand S.

03 Status of Biological Control of Crop Pests in IndiaSavariya K. N., Jethva D. M. and Wadaskar P. S.

04 Quorum Sensing in Plant Pathogenic Bacteria and Its Entanglements in Plant Disease DevelopmentN. Olivia Devi and Bharati Lap

05 Practical management practices for incidence of White Faeces Syndrome (WFS) in cultured Pacific White leg Shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) S. Karthick  and S. Aanand

06 Egg Fruit (Pouteria campechiana): A ReviewJasmitha, B. G.

07 Application of Cold Plasma Treatment in Food Processing-Surve V. D.and Kamble A. S.

08 Atomized Hydroponic System by Using Modern Digital Tools.- Raheem Khan, Rokade H. N., Kapgate K.M., Shinde G.U. and Avinash Kakade

09 Propagation Media used in Nursery/PolyhouseRaheem Khan, Khemchand Kapgate, Rokade H. N. and Avinash Kakade

10 Metagenomics and its Role in Plant PathologyBhagyashree Bhatt and B.K.Namriboi

11 Phytoanticipins: Natural Plant Defense CompoundsBhagyashree Bhatt and B.K.Namriboi

12 Role of Biocontrol Agents in Cotton EcosystemDivya S. Patel and Dharmraj M. Jethva

13 Identification, Economic Importance and Their Management of White GrubDwarka

14 Organic Amendments Induced Host Plant Resistance against Crop PestAbhishek B M, Mohammad Abbas Ahmad and Sai Reddy

15 Effect of Humidity on Insect AbundanceSushmita Thokchom

16 Organic Matter: The Heart of the SoilJadhav C. B., Adsure R. M. and Khaire P. B.

17 Wet Bubble- A Threat for Button Mushroom CultivationGurvinder Kaur and Shweta Sharma

18 Fungal Diseases Associated with Mushroom CultivationGurvinder Kaur and Shweta Sharma

19 Soil Physical and Chemical Properties in Relation to Plant GrowthS. Arunkumar

20 Health Importance and Value Chain Management of Banana PowderMohan Lal Jat, Jitendra Singh Shivran, Rajender Kumar and R.K. Jat

21 Drying of Flowers: The Plant Material, Drying techniques, Storage and their usesKadam S. K., Ahirrao P. P. and Khalagre A. B.

22 Osmotic Dehydration of Fruits and VegetablesKhalagre A. B.,  Ahirrao P. P. and Kadam S. K.

23 Hayflick Limit: A Constraint in Eternal LifeUtkarsh Patel and Sayani Basu

24 Health Benefits of Makhana (Euryale ferox Salisb)Maske S. V., John David and Shelke S. A.

25 Major Fungal Diseases of Tomato and their Management Mallikarjun Channappa Chitti and Sukanya Gogoi

26 Indigenous Technical Knowledge: An Alternative Traditional Method in Controlling the Stored Grain Pests Peddi Naga Harsha Vardhan and Tumma Mounika

27 Consortial Bioformulations in Plant and Soil Health EnhancementBharat Chandra Nath

28 Food Forensic Surve V. D. and Kamble A. S.

29 Dehydration Techniques of Flowers and FoliagesSwapnil Raghatate and Balkishor Muradi

30 SWEET Genes: A Source of Disease Resistance in PlantsB. K. Namriboi and Bhagyashree Bhatt

31 Impact of COVID 19 on Dairy IndustryJagadale S. G., Waikar M. A. and Gharatkar A. V.

32 Plant Bio-Stimulants: Smart Approach towards Sustainable AgricultureGharate Pooja, Khandve Om and Babar Rohit

33 Importance of Different Products and By-products of YakShamim Ali Lal

34 Solar Drying of Agricultural Produce Patil S. P. and Korde S. D.

35 Sunscreen- A Protection for Humans, But a Threat to CoralsSudarshan S, Karthik R, S. Aanand and Jeyaprakashsabari, S.

36 Prospects of Developing Fish Processing Industry near Bhima River Ankush Kamble, Bhalerao A. K., Shivaji Argade and Neha Qureshi

37 Prospects and Challenges of Fish Farming in Farm Ponds in MaharashtraAnkush Kamble, Bhalerao A. K., Ananthan PS and SN Ojha

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