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VOLUME : 03             ISSUE: 07      JULY 2022

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Cover Page and Index

01 Food Colours – Natural Vs Synthetic - KavitaKumari Solanki, Arvind Kumawat and Ashok Kumar

02 Insulin -A potential Source to Diabetes - Ameda Swarnalathaand Seelothu Rakesh

03 RNA Interference Mechanism in Insects and Exploitation in Plant Pest Control - Eragam Aparna and A. Kavitha Reddy

04 Milk Protein Based Edible Films and Coatings - Kanneboina Soujanya, B. Anila Kumari and P.Prathyusha

05 Soil Degradation in Jammu and Kashmir - Rehana Rasool, Shaista Nazir, Shazia Ramzan, Bhinish Shakeel, Shahnaz Mufti, Shameem Shafi, Sabia Akhter, Ambreen Nabi, Vaseem Yousuf, Rakhshanda, Khursheed Zargar and Nadeem Mir

06 Traditional Thermocol Cephalopod Jigging Platforms used in Palk Bay region of Ramanathapuram District - V. Naganandhini, Kalaiarasan Muthupandi, K. Vasanth and V. Lakshme Gayathre

07 Composite Edible Coating: A New Concept for Preservation of Mango - Tipre P. G. and Sawant A.A.

08 Termites:  Its relation with Humans and their Management - Tumma Mounika

09 The Effect of Heat Stress on Plant - Jayashri Folane and Yashoda Etther

10 Traditional Cephalopod Aggregating Devices Used in Palk Bay Region of Ramanathapuram District - K. Vasanth, Kalaiarasan Muthupandi, V. Naganandhini V. Lakshme Gayathre and V. Durai

11 Socio-Cultural Imageries from a Farmers Field – A genre of Oral Folk lore from District Budgam, Jammu and Kashmir - Bhinish Shakeel, Nasir A. Dar, Vaseem Yousuf, Javid A.Bhat and Asima Amin

12 Seed Balls - Kawade. A.A., Panchal. V.V. and Patil. R. L.

13 Vertical Farming: An Effective Way to Overcome Food Shortage - Patil. R.L., Panchal V.V., and Kawade. A.A.

14 Pre-sowing Seed Treatments - Panchal. V.V , Kawade. A.A. and., Patil. R.L.

15 Quick Sprouting of Pulses using Newly Designed Sprouter - Priya Tipre

16 Hydroponics: Soil-less Farming Technique - Deblina Roy

17 Queensland Fruit fly Bactrocera tryoni (Froggatt): A Destructive Pest of Horticultural Crops - Manoj Kumar Jena,  Savaliya Dhruvkumar M. and Satikanta Sahoo

18 Trends in Membrane Technology Applications for Dairy Processing - Arvind Kumawat, Kavita Kumari Solanki and Ashok Kumar

19 CRISPR Technology - Yashoda Etther and Jayashri Folane

20 The Basics of Bonsai Growing - Rameshwari Ringe, Ambarish Hattalli, Vaishnavi Gawade and Netram Shinde

21 Organic Milk:  Boon to Health - Vaishnavi Gawade, Hattalli A. D., Jagadale S. G. and Bharadwaj R. S.

22 Feeding System in Poultry: A Overview - Lokendra and Manisha Doot

23 Molecular Farming in Plants - Jayashri Folane and Yashoda Etther

24 Production of Bio-ethanol as a Bio-fuel- V. D. Surve and U. S. Shaikh

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