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VOLUME : 02             ISSUE: 12      DECEMBER  2021

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Cover Page and Index

01 Non-Ribosomal Peptide Synthetase: A Virulence Factor in Fungal Plant Pathogens Bhagyashree Bhatt and B. K. Namriboi

02 Importance and application of Biofertilizers in Agriculture Devendra Singh

03 Stevia – A Substitute to Sugar Thunam Srikanth and Masanagari Supriya

04 Edible Coating Materials: To Enhance Shelf Life of Horticultural Crops Maraboina Sandhyarani and Malikireddy Jasmitha

05 Scope and Limitation of Bio intensive and Ecological Based IPM Programmes Dwarka and Anand Kumar Panday

06 Remote Sensing Sensor System and Platform S. Arunkumar and Himanshu Sekhar Behera

07 Mass Rearing and Importance of Rice Moth Manoj Kumar Jena and Kanhaiya Lal Bairwa

08 Lac: It’s Application in Different Industries Tumma Mounika

09 Farming of Pearlspot Etroplus suratensis in Open Water Cages Ramji B., Aanand S. and Jeyaprakashsabari S.

10 Potential Benefits of Soursop in Combating Cancer: A Review Jasmitha B. G. and Honnabyraiah M. K.

11 Gram Pod Borer Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner): Biology, Marks of Identification, Nature of Damage and Integrated Pest Management in Chickpea Rakesh, Jaswant, and Yogesh Panwar

12 Important Insect Pests of Pomegranate and their Biology & Management Konni Appala Raju

13 Moringa Powder: A Brief Review Patil S. P. and Chavan S. V.

14 Impact and Breeding Approaches For Climate Change Suvarna Nagrale, Nandan Tayade and Lokesh Kumar Verma

15 Farmer Producer Organizations: An Overview Peddi Naga Harsha Vardhan

16 Wide Hybridisation: Breeding Tool for crop Improvement Aware S. A.

17 Azolla – A Source of Animal Nutrition to Reduce Feed Cost P. Raja

18 Appemidi: Unique Aromatic Pickle Mango Nisarga G.,  Nagesh Naik., Kantharaju V. and Harshitha S. B.

19 Mushroom: A Balanced Food Nimit Kumar, Yachna Sood, Abhiskek3, Saroj Rani, Ramesh Chand, Ravindra Tomer1, Vikas Tomar and Krishna Ray

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