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VOLUME : 03             ISSUE: 12      DECEMBER 2022

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Cover Page and Index

01 Mycoviruses: Potentiality to Use as Bio-control Agents Netra Kallegoudra, Gangaraj R. and Nishmitha K.

02 The Most Destructive Pests of Silkworm (Uzi fly) and Their ManagementAmit Layek and Debarati Seal

03 Natural Dye Yielding Plants - Alternative to Synthetic ColoursShwetha Desai, Gangadharappa, P. M. and J. S. Hiremath

04 Specialty Coffee: A Cup of HappinessShwetha Desai, Harshitha S. B. and Nisarga G.

05 Utilization of Fruit and Vegetable Peels as Value-Added Ingredients in Dairy ProductsAkshay Ramani and Raman Seth

06 By catch and Discards-Issues and SolutionS. Mariappan and T.Ravikumar

07 Bottle Brush Tree (Callistemon Sp.) – As a Natural Anti-Bacterial AgentR. Muthuvijayaragavan and Yazhini M.

08 Stevia: A Non-Caloric SweetenerShwetha Desai, Harshitha, S. B. and Shalini, R. M.

09 What is Memory? Tips and Techniques to Prevent Memory LossY. D. Haritha

10 What is Tension? How it Affect the Individuals?Y. D. Haritha

11 Insect Hydrophobicity for MankindK. A. Sindhura, Pooja, P. S. and Shadab M. Khatib

12 Rhizo-Engineering with Biocontrol Agents Shadab, M. Khatib, Pooja, P. S.  and K. A. Sindhura

13 Extracellular Vesicles in Cross Kingdom CommunicationPooja, P. S., K. A. Sindhura and Shadab, M. Khatib

14 Meiotic Eccentricities in A. cepa × A. Ampeloprasum spp. Porrum and A. Cepa × A. SativumSolanki Bal

15 Water Apple - A Rose Scented Thirst QuencherRuchitha, T.

16 Protected Cultivation- An Emerging Technology in Fruit ProductionRuchitha, T.

17 Signs of Poor Time Management and How to Manage From it?Y.D. Haritha

18 Genetic Engineering Technique for GM Crop ProductionYashoda Etther and Jayashri Folane

19 Effect of Nanoparticles on Plant GrowthYashoda Etther and Jayashri Folane

20 Carbon Credit Value in Reduces Emission of Green House Gases Akesh S Pawar, Shital K Gajbhiye, Shweta U Tavhare and Ashwini S Hajare

21 Paddy Straw Management StrategiesAmandeep Sharma, Mohit Singh, Pooja Maurya and Nimit Kumar

22 Plant Growth Regulators: Role in Horticulture Sukanya Misra

23 Herbicide and its Role of in AgricultureYashoda B. Etther and Jayashri Folane

24 Space Mutation Breeding Technology in PlantsJayashri Folane and Yashoda Etther

25 System of Wheat Intensification.  An Innovative Approach for Sustainable AgricultureMehraj-Sofi, Shayista Fayaz,Tanveer Ahngar and Bhat Shabir

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