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VOLUME : 04             ISSUE: 02     FEBRUARY 2023

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Cover Page and Index

01 Scoping Wood Apple Cultivation for Semi-Arid Bundelkhand - Sandeep Garg, Ashok Yadav, Ayyandar Arunachalam, Badre Alam, Suman Lata and Neha Gangwar

02 Vertical Farming: A Modern Future Technology in Agriculture for Crop ProductionPreeti Devatwal, Mehraj Sofi and Sharvan Kumar Yadav

03 Pursuit of Drought Tolerance in Lesser Explored Pulses/ Vigna Spp.Khushwant B. Choudhary

04 Relevance of Conservation Agriculture for Resource ConservationAishwarya Rathod and Sunil Kinge

05 Attracting and Retaining of Youth in Agriculture (ARYA) Vishal Yadav

06 Poverty Alleviation ProgrammesVishal Yadav , Ashutosh Kumar Yadav and Preeti Yadav

07 Rhizo-Engineering with Biocontrol AgentsShadab, M. Khatib, Pooja, P. S. and K. A. Sindhura

08 Little Millet: Nutraceutical CropAbha Rawat and Mukesh Choudhary

09 Green Manuring - A Basic Tool of Organic Farming K. N. Gawande and A. S. Dhengle

10 Mass Production of White Muscardine Fungus, Beauveria Bassian and their UsesSathur Nandini and Sunil Kumar Mandal

11 Crop Diversification: Approachto SustainabilityMunny Chinyo, Suraj Gond and Subham Singh

12 Azolla-A Biofertilizer of Modern AgricultureArun Kumar Kondeti

13 CRISPR CAS-9 Technology – Mechanism and its Applications Umesh Kumar V. and M. Mounika

14 Feeding a Growing World: The Role of Speed Breeding in Improving Food SecurityUmesh Kumar V. and M. Shiva Kumar

15 Detection of Diseases and Pest Damage from Remote Sensing Mamta Bulla and Raman Devi

16 “Astras” for Plant Protection in Organic Farming Projjwal Saha and Saikat Dey

17 Potentiality of Pigeon Pea in Karbi Anglong District of AssamPrakshipta Boruah, Shourov Dutta and Ranjit Kumar Saud

18 Nanotechnology as a Drug Delivery Tool in AquacultureFerolin Jessina G., Petchimuthu M and Jaculine Pereira J

19 Lodging: a Striking Threat to Cereal CropsApexa Rathod

20 Mushroom and its BenefitsY. D. Haritha

21 Conservation Agriculture: A Key for Sustainable AgricultureSavita Jangde and Dawa Dolma Bhutia

22 Paddy Straw Management; Introduction to Different WaysManjot Singh and Muskan

23 Prospects of Muga Culture in the Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council (RHAC) Area of AssamPulak Rabha and Monimala Saikia

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