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VOLUME : 03             ISSUE: 01      JANUARY  2022

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Cover Page and Index

01 Role of Agriculturally Important Plant Associated Microorganisms in Sustainable Agriculture -Devendra Singh

02 Use of Biochar in Fruit Crop Production: A Review -Jasmitha B. G. and Anil Kumar S.

03 Diagnosis and Differentiation of Microorganisms through Citrate Utilization Test -Sudeepta Pattanayak, Archana Anokhe and Vinay Kalia

04 Mini Clonal Technology: An Innovative Propagation Tool for Agroforestry Trees -Sooraj Kumar, M.J. Dobriyal, Sana Aisha, R. Sivakalai, S. Kumaravel and R. Nandakumar

05 Promising Alternative Plant Protein Sources for Replacing Fish Meal in Fish Feed -S Jeyaprakashsabari and S Aanand

06 Soil Crusting – Formation, Kinds, Causes & Management -S. Arun Kumar and Himanshu Sekhar Behera

07 Coagulase Test: Species Level Differentiation of Microorganisms -Sathiyaseelan K., Archana Anokhe and Vinay Kalia

08 Role of Nanoparticles in Enhancing Postharvest Attributes of Cut Flowers -Sudati Akshitha

09 Bioleaching: A Review-Swetha S. Meti

10 Diversity, importance and management of fruit flies-Manoj Kumar Jena and Satikanta Sahoo

11 Oxidase Test: A Biochemical Methods in bacterial identification-Dharmappa D. C., Archana Anokhe and Vinay Kalia

12 Food and Nutrition Security in the Context of COVID-19-Urmimala Baruah

13 Edible insects- an alternative to animal protein-Tumma Mounika

14 Urease Test to Detect Ammonia Producing Microorganisms-Yeluru Mohan Babu., Archana Anokhe and Vinay Kalia

15 Technology of Space Mutation Breeding in Crop Improvement-Sonal Chavan

16 Brinjal Fruit and Shoot Borer, Leucinodes orbonalis : Biology, Marks of Identification, Nature of Damage and Integrated Pest Management in Brinjal-Rakesh, Jaswant and Yogesh Panwar

17 New Methods Employed in Managing Stored Grain Pests-Dwarka and Anand Kumar Panday

18 Catalase Test: A Biochemical Protocol for Bacterial Identification-Halima Khatoon, Archana Anokhe and Vinay Kalia

19 Magnetic Water Technology - Its Role in Fruit Crops: A Review-Pooja, G. K. and Honnabyraiah M. K.

20 Scope of Small and Medium Enterprises-Ragade R. D. and Gosavi N. G.

21 Zinc Nutrition of Potato-Anjan Krishna Sarmah and Shantonu Paul

22 Importance of Plant Genetic Recourses in Plant Breeding-Aware S. A.

23 Earthworms - Friends of The Farmers-Thunam Srikanth, B. Naveen Kumar and Masanagari Supriya

24 Geranium Cultivation: A Source of Medicinal Oil-Patil S. P. and Chavan S. V.

25 Insect Pollinators and their Management in Onion-Karuppaiah V, Soumia P.S., and Yogesh Khade

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