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VOLUME : 04             ISSUE: 01      JANUARY 2023

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Cover Page and Index

01 Feedback: Veritable Tool for Agricultural Technology Development and Improvement Adegbola, J. A., Owojaiye, O. B., Ogunremi O. B., Nwafor, S. C., Aina, O. B., Adegbola, Q. R., Achime, K. C., Akinola-Soji, B. and Pessu, P. O.

02 Nanofertilizers – Role in Modern Agriculture Arun Kumar Kondeti

03 Multiline and Mixed Cultivars: Potential Tool in Control of Plant DiseasesSamrat Saha and Riju Nath

04 Biological Soil Crusts: A Novelty in Dryland EcosystemsAnandkumar Naorem and Saritha M.

05 Biofertilizers in potato production V. Sravani

06 What are Superfoods? Himani Joshi

07 Beetroot and its Benefits Y. D. Haritha,

08 Mindful Thinking Y. D. Haritha

09 Zero – Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF)M. Lakshmi Ganesh, S.Jayadeep Sai, G.Divya, P.Chaitanya Sai and Oshik Anand

10 Terminal Heat Stress in Wheat: Its Causes, Effects & Management StrategiesJogender

11 Role of Endophytes in Plant Disease Management Sahane P. A., Patil S. S. and Mahajan R. S.

12 Integrated Pest Management Strategies for Okra, Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench - Vinod Kumar Dubey, Sanjay Kumar Sahoo, B. Sujatha and Sanhita Chowdhury

13 Pulsed Electric Fields: Emerging Technology in the Fish Processing IndustryUlaganathan Arisekar

14 Microplastics in Aquatic Ecosystem: A Threat to Environment and Human HealthUlaganathan Arisekar

15 Impact of Climate Change on Insect Pest Management Sanhita Chowdhury, Sanjay Kumar Sahoo, Vinod Kumar Dubey and B. Sujatha

16 Effect and Integrated Mangement of Pathenium hysterophorus. L.Rajavarthini R. and Vinodhini, P.

17 A Novel Study on Physiological Importance and Biosynthesis of Strigolactone HormoneSrikanth G. A. and Shristi Benni S.

18 A new Farming Tool: Effective Utilisation of Nutrient Soil Less CultureSrikanth G.A. and Tamsiya Banu I.

19 Liquid-Manure: A Low-Cost Sustainable Organic Input Agniv Mandal, Anannya Dhar and Kajal Sengupta

20 Botanical Herbicides: An Approach towards Agricultural SustainabilityPanchal V.V., Kawade. A.A., and Patil. R.L.

21 Weed Management in Wheat CropKawade. A.A., Panchal. V.V. and Patil. R.L.

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