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VOLUME : 01             ISSUE: 02        JUNE  2020

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Cover Page and Index

01. Agriculture Startups- Challenges and Mitigation Measures in COVID 19 - Kadam M.M.

02. Alternative Non-Chemical Pest Management Strategies - Ipsita Samal , Bhupen Kumar Sahu and Jayashree Bhattacharjee

03. Biofertilizer: A Boon for Sustainable Fruit Production - Bhuwad A.V., Haldankar P.M., Nirmal O.A., Kulkarni M.M and Parulekar Y.R.

04. Eco-Friendly Tunnel for Small and Marginal Vegetable Growers - Nirmal O. A., Haldavanekar P. C., Mali V. V., Parulekar Y. R.and Bhuwad A. V.

05. Impact of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Agriculture and Allied Sectors of West Bengal, India - Arunima Konar and Sudip Nayak

06. Urban Vegetable Farming: A Sustainable Model for Metro Cities - Umbarkar S.P., Wagh A.P., Umbarkar P.S.

07. Utilization of Vegetable Waste - Raut A. U., Ghawade S. M. and Mali V.V.

08. Reduviid Bug - An Effective Natural Enemy - Rahate S. S., Wankhede S. M., Mehendale S. K. and Narangalkar A. L.

09. Novel COVID-19 Pandemic and its Global Impact on Food Industry - Deshpande H.W. and Katke S.D.

10. Chia Seed and its Nutritional Benefits - Maske S. V., Solanke G.M. and Shelke S. A

11. Yam Bean: An Underutilized Legume with Potential as a Tuber and Pulse Crop - Mali V.V., Throat S.B., Nirmal O.A., Parulekar Y.R. and Haldavanekar P. C.

12. Importance of Crop Residue Management in Agriculture - Surve V.H., Darshna Chaudhary and Sanjay Patel

13. Covid-19: Phase of Agro-Economy of India During Pandemic - Lothe N.B. and Kirti Verma

14. Jamun: A Wonder Fruit for Nutritional Security for Health - Kanade N.M , Pradeep Kumar Vishwakarma and Kaluram

15. Organic Farming for Sustainable Development of Agriculture -Konjengbam Sarda Devi, Wangkhem Tampakleima Chanu, and Priyanka

16. Overlook on Nutritional Composition and Benefits of Watermelon Seed - Zanwar S.R.

17. Soil and Water Conservation in Rainfed Area - Kolekar A.B., Palghadmal R. M. and Palghadmal S. M.

18. Fruit Trees and Carbon Sequestration - Anjana Kholia, Ram Kumar Dewangan and Murlimanohar Baghel

19. Viral Diseases in King Chilli: A Brief Report - Oinam Priyoda Devi and Konjengbam Sarda Devi

20. Shukto- Nutritious and Healthy Bengali Cuisine - Kunal Adhikary and Rahul Sarkar

21. Conventional and Biotechnological Approaches for Sex Manipulation in Cucurbits - Karande P. J., Kale V. S. and Mali V. V.

22. Zinc Deficiency in Rice Plant - Bapsila Loitongbam

23. Role of Paecilomyces Lilacinus in Biological Control of Plant Parasitic Nematodes - Bandgar M.S. and Kokare G.A.

24. Green Manuring: Best Component of Organic Farming - Palghadmal R. M. , Kolekar A.B. and Palghadmal S. M.

25. Banana Bunchy Top Virus (BBTV) Infecting Banana in India: Current Status - Jyotsana Sanasam, Konjengbam Sarda Devi and Malemnganbi Keisham

26. Synthesis of promising fungicide from Strobilurus tenacellus - Bijeeta Thangjam, Bandana Mayanglambam and Tusi Chakma

27. Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture Sector - Magar S.G. and Magar V.G.

28. Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Agriculture - Nimit Kumar

29. Fusarium Wilt of Muskmelon: Breeding Approaches for Resistance - Aditya Pratap Singh, Siddharth Singh and Praveen Kumar Maurya

30. Soil Fertility Management: An Overview - Surve V.H., Deshmukh S. and Sanjay Patel 

31. Understanding Banana Streak Virus (BSVs) Infecting Banana in India: A Potential Threat - Malemnganbi Keisham, Konjengbam Sarda Devi and Jyotsana Sanasam  

32. Effect of Neo-Nicotinoids on Beneficial Organisms - Shinde S. S., Kashid V. S.and Bade A. S.

33. Agro-Based Spent Mushroom Substrate (SMS): An Overview - Jayashree Bhattacharjee and Debashre Bhattacharjee

34. Insect Bioluminescence, Significance and Future Thrust - Hegade P. B.

35. Biofumigation- An Ecofriendly Alternative to Chemical Fumigation - Bandana Mayanglambam and Bijeeta Thangjam

36. Water Harvesting: Need, Constraints and Future Challenges - Naorem Meena Devi

37. Significant Achievements and Present Status of Trichoderma spp. in Bio control of Plant Diseases - Bandgar M.S.,Thosar R.U. and Kokare G.A.

38. Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture and Allied Sectors: Challenges and Mitigation - Souradep Chatterjee, Subhajit Banerjee and Awindrila Mondal

39. Germination Test: To Grow a Quality Seed - Bhanu Priya, C. P. Singh and Anshuman Tiwari

40. Programmed Cell Death in Plants - Wangkhem Tampakleima Chanu and Konjengbam Sarda Devi

41. Late Blight of Potato and Tomato-Most Weather Dependent Disease and its Rapid Management - Suraj Goldar, Rakesh Patsa and Debanjana Debnath

42. Vegetable Grafting for Biotic & Abiotic Stresses - Md. Ramjan

43. Integrated Disease Management (IDM) of White Rust of Rapeseed and Mustard - Baby Wangkhem, Konjengbam Sarda Devi and Wangkhem Tampakleima Chanu

44. Trichoderma for Harnessing Plant Microbiome - Surya Teja V. and Srinivasarao M.

45. Necessity of Agro Processing in India - Rathod Y.D. and Pimpalpalle L.V.

46. Packaging Material of Horticultural Produce to Keep Fresh and Safe During All Conditions - Gondane S.P. and Thorat A.R.

47. Study of Plant-Pathogen Interaction Under Changing Climatic Conditions - Neeta Pathaw

48. Panchgavya: Organic Fertilizer and Crop Protectant - Dilip Kumar Chaurasiya, Siddharth Singh and Mohit Kumar

49. Early Locust Invasion - Thakre S.D. and Solanki R.D.

50. Effect of Genetically Modified Crops on Beneficials with Special Reference to Honey Bees - Gurve S. S., Shirke M. S. and Turkhade P. D.

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