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VOLUME : 02             ISSUE: 06       JUNE  2021

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Cover Page and Index

01 Farmer Note: Key factors to Mitigate the Foam and Sludge in Shrimp PondP. Yuvarajan, P. Chidambaram and Mahadevi

02 Climate Change: A modulator of Plant DiseasesRatul Moni Ram

03 Shipwreck as Artificial Reef: Trash to TreasureKesavan. S

04 Effective Microorganisms and Their Influence on Fruit Production – A ReviewJasmitha B.G. and Honnabyraiah M. K.

05 Biosensors and their Indispensable ApplicationsSurve V.D. and Kamble A. S.

06 Water Use Efficiency (WUE): Key trait for Water BudgetingPravin Mane, Mohini Jadhav, Rohit Babar, Abhijit Jadhav and Himaj Deshmukh

07 Chickling Pea (Lathyrus sativus L.): An Environmentally Successful Robust LegumeMousumi Malo

08 Bioremediation: An Important Alternative for Soil and Industrial Wastes Clean-Up Mousumi Malo

09 Robotic Applications and Management of Plant Diseases Patil L. P.,  Ghante P. H., Thomse S. R., Navasare M. G. and Pawar S. Y.

10 Best Substrate for the Growth of MushroomBurgute K. A, Jagdhane S. M., Sarkale V. D. and Sattaru Dileep

11 Climate-Resilient AgricultureEkta Kamboj and Vijeta Gupta

12 Pest Survey, Surveillance, Forecasting, Sampling Methods and their Uses in AgricultureDwarka

13 Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal in Fish CultureJeyaprakashsabari S. and Aanand S.

14 Nutritious Best from Agricultural Wastes: Oyster Mushrooms Burgute K. A., Jagdhane S. M., Sattaru Dileep and Sarkale V. D.

15 Role of Signals, Mimicry, Polyphenism in Insect DefenceAbhishek B. M., Nagendra Kumar and Anil Kumar

16 Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Soil Organic Matter S. Arunkumar

17 Silkworm Pupae Meal - A Promising Fish Meal Substitute in AquafeedJeyaprakashsabari S. and Aanand S.

18 What are Farm Bills: Favors Farmer or Against? Warghat A.N., Munje S.S. and Rathod N.S.

19 Bio-Monitoring and Detoxification of Gaseous Pollutants in an Environment Bhagawan Bharali

20 Transposons in PlantsJadhav C. B., Adsure R. M. and Khaire P. B.

21 Micropropagation of Fruit Crops Adsure R. M., Jadhav C. B. and Dhage V.B.

22 Onions - Post-Harvest Handling and Storage - Vitnor S. S., Ingole D. G. and Bharade V. M.

23 Dietary Supplements and Nutrcaceutical Remedies for COVID-19 Poshadri A. and Deshpande H.W.

24 CRISPR- CAS9 and its Application in Pest Management Nangki Tagi and Jisna George

25 Zero Budget Natural Farming : The Return to NatureManish Kumar and Aakash Sunaratiya

26 Current status of fish meal industry in India: Issues and prospects S. Sundhar and  S. Aanand

27 Prebiotic and Probiotic Foods Surve V. D. and Kamble A. S.

28 Microalgal Protein and Oil: A Replacement for Fish Meal and Fish Oil in Aqua FeedsAanand, S., Jeyaprakashsabari, S. and Sudarshan, S.

29 Industrial Waste Minimisation through Process Modification Vidya K.N. and Karishma C.G.

30 Treatments on Industrial EffluentsKarishma C. G. and Vidya K. N.

31 Advances in Micro Irrigation for Sugarcane under Water Sacristy Zone Kale P. A., Mane P. V., Babar R. R., Jadhav A. R., Jadhav M. R.

32 Kaolin: A Smart Approach in Dry Land AgricultureGharate Pooja, Khandve Om, Babar R. R., and Waghmare G. M.

33 Microbial Biopesticides in Ecofriendly Management of Plant DiseaseB. C. Nath

34 Quinoa-an Excellent Functional food, its Properties and Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)Chamling N., Gurung N., Subba P., Shivakoti I. P., and Bhutia T. T.

35 Horticultural Trees for Live Fencing Ashok Yadav, R.K Tiwari, Sushil Kumar, Asha Ram, Hirdayesh Anuragi,

Arun Kumar Handa, and Ayyandar Aruncachalam

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