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VOLUME : 02             ISSUE: 03        MARCH  2021

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Cover Page and Index

01 Golden Rice: A Genetically Modified (GM) Food Surve V. D. and Kamble K. P.

02 Auto Family Drip Irrigation System (AFDS) for Grow Bag Vegetable Cultivation - Chithra. G. and Binu John Sam

03 Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS): Fast Forward Approach for Gene MappingLavale S. A., Kelkar V. G., and Feba Jacob

04 Constraints of Rainfed Rice Production in Eastern India - Mousumi Malo

05 Pollinators Declining Drivers and Their Management - Mogili Ramaiah and Archana Anokhe

06 Gene Pyramiding Through Marker Assisted Backcross Method - Rathod B. U.

07 An Overview of Genome Editing Tools - Manoj Kumar, Sandhya, Pawan Kumar

08 Entomopathogenic Fungi: Key Players of Biological Control - Ratul Moni Ram

09 Speed Breeding and Its Role in Plant Breeding  - Yengkhom Linthoingambi Devi

10 Vertical Gardens – A Green Trend - Nilima Gobade

11 Basic Components of Integrated Crop Management - Mousumi Malo

12 Genetically Encoded Biosensor to Know Plant Behaviour - Kelkar V.G., Lavale S.A., Bhamare D.P,  and Feba Jacob

13 Strip Cropping: Agronomic Measure of Soil and Moisture Conservation - Kawade. A.A., Panchal V.V. and Dhanwade S.B.

14 Value Addition in Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus undatus) - Mane P.V., Babar R. R., Palghadmal R. M., Jadhav M. R., Wakchaure G. C.

15 Mechanism of Wind Eroson and Soil Loss Estimation - Dhanwade S. B., Kawade. A. A. and Panchal V.V.

16 Food Laboratories in India - Salve R. V. and Kadam M. L.

17 Osmotic Dehydration in Sapota (Acharus sapota L.) - Gharate P. S., Khandave Om, Babar R. R.

18 Important Contribution of Livestock in Indian Economy - Karanjalkar A. P. and Dhok A. A.

19 Physiological Disorders in Litchi - Vitnor S. S., Ingole D. G. and Bharade V. M.

20 Prime Editor: A New Precision Genome Editing Tool - Lavale S. A., Kelkar V. G., Feba Jacob

21 Organic Foods and Its Standard - Salve R. V. and Kelapure N. N.

22 Whey Based Instant Energy Beverage: An Approach to Increase Profits in Milk Processing Industry - Kelkar V. G., Lavale S. A., Feba Jacob, Kadam S. S. and Mahadik S. S.

23 APMC Act’s and Issues - Panchal S. R. and Atla J. S.

24 Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms in Maize Crop - Wale V. D., Patil P. V., Shete S. A., Bangar K. D. and Gajbhiye S. K.

25 Apomixis: A Tool for Fixation of Heterosis - Patil N. S. and Mangave S. S.

26 Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL) Mapping - Mangave S. S. and Patil N. S.

27 In-Vitro Efficacy of PGPR Bacillus Subtilis against Fusarium Wilt in Tomato - K.Vignesh, B.Tamilselvan and S.Meenatchi

28 Low Cost Cultivation of Oyster Mushroom Using Agriculture Waste - Walunj A.A. and Deokar V.T.

29 Sustainable Management of Soil Borne Plant Diseases - Patil L. P., Thomse S. R., Pawar S. Y., Ghante P. H.

30 Role of Bacterial Biofertilizers in Agriculture for Prevention of Plant Disease - Patil L. P., Navasare M. G., Kambale O. S., Jagtap G. P.

31 Phenology of Dragon fruit (Hylocereus spp.)Chole A.S., Jadhav A.R., Babar R.R. and Bhosale A.M.

32 One of the Star among the Fruits: Carmbola - Ahirrao P. P., Gaonkar Y. A. and Magar V. G.

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