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VOLUME : 03             ISSUE: 03      MARCH  2022

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Cover Page and Index

01 A Novel Study of Apomixis and Mode of Reproduction in Plant Breeding - Srikanth G. A.

02 Evolution of Inbreeding Depression Consanguineous Related to Procedure for Development of Inbred Lines - Srikanth G. A.

03 Evolution of Inbreeding Depression and Genetic Bases Study on Heterosis in Cross Pollinated Species - Srikanth G. A.

04 Genetic Basis Modification in Heterosis for Develop Synthetic Variety - Srikanth G. A.

05 Floral Attractants Based Pest Management Strategy - Thesnim. P. and Archana Anokhe

06 Latest Trends in Protected Cultivation of Winter Vegetables - Karande P. J., Makhan Majoka, Mane N. V. and Umbarkar S.P.

07 Precision Farming Tools in Agriculture - Chakane S. R. and Jagdale S. U.

08 Rhizobium-Legume Symbiosis and Actinorhizal Symbiosis - Swetha.S.Meti

09 The Role of Agriculture in Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development - Barre Jyothsna Priyadarshini

10 Role of Agriculturally Important Microorganisms in Climate Smart Agriculture - Devendra Singh, Aman Verma, Mahipal Choudhary

11 Remote Sensing in Fruit Crops - Devi Darshan and Jitendra Kumar Shukla

12 Application of Emerging Ecofriendly Antifouling Paints: A Need and Challenge - M. Manjunathan, S. Mariappan and T. Ravikumar

13 Cost Analysis for Mechanized Steel Fishing Vessels of Nagapattinam Coast of Tamil Nadu- V. Durai and  M. Kalaiarasan

14 Entomophagy: A Step towards Food Security - Manoj Kumar Jena, Satikanta Sahoo and Nibedita Sahoo

15 Importance of Rabbit Farming - Shamim Ali and Dinesh Kumar

16 Muga Silk Value Chain in Assam - Pulak Rabha and Monimala Saikia

17 Weed Management in Conservation Agriculture for Sustainability - Munny Chinyo and Shubham Singh

18 Enclosures used to Protect Fish against Birds in Fish Farming - Jham Lal

19 Mass Multplication of Larval Parasitoid of Sugarcane Top Shoot  Borer –Isotimajavensis (Rohwer) - Pogula Kranthi and Sneha Tiwari

20 Maintenance and Impact of Organic Farming on Soil Health - Radhe Shyam Kherwa and Manish Kumar

21 Conventional Techniques for Detection of Insect’s Pest in Stored Grains - Tumma Mounika

22 Role of Nematicides in Plant Parasitic Nematode Management - Shaik Moizur Rahman

23 Effect of Phosphorus Application on Growth of Crops - P. Kejiya, G. K. Surya Krishna, B. Rajeswari and B. Vajantha

24 Physiological Disorders in Fruit Crops - Amarjit Saikia and Shilpa Saikia

25 CRISPR Technology in Crop Improvement - Jayashri Folane

26 Value Addition of Bamboo - Srujana Eda

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