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VOLUME : 04             ISSUE: 03      MARCH 2023

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Cover Page and Index

01 Cooperatives- an Innovative System to Achieve the G20 Goals and Mission - Hema Yadav and Mahesh Kadam

02 Untangling the Terminal Drought Tolerance in GroundnutKhushwant B. Choudhary and Devendra Singh

03 Microalgae-An alternative Source for Fossil FuelSwetha S. Meti

04 Millets: A Nutri-cereals Solution for Food and Nutritional Challenge Aishwarya Rathod and Sunil Kinge

05 Timeline of Isabgol Improvement in IndiaKhushwant B. Choudhary and Devendra Singh

06 Soil SolarizationAnisa N. A.

07 Edible Bird’s Nest (EBN): Production, Processing, Food and Medicinal ImportanceChirag Acharya and Neela Satheesh

08 Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through SericultureMerrylina Marak

09 Phage Cocktail Therapy: A Promising Approach to Combat Bacterial Plant Pathogens Shadab M. Khatib, K. A. Sindhura and Pooja P. S.

10 Microbial ConsortiaSwetha S. Meti

11 Legume-Rhizobium SymbiosisN.Anthony Baite, Nilutpal Saikia, Dawa Dolma Bhutia and Ankita Sarkar

12 Millets: The Nutri-CerealsKhadse, T.R. and Dhengle A. S.

13 Advanced Detection Techniques for Identification of Plant PathogensAnik Majumdar

14 Banana and its Benefits Y.D. Haritha

15 Entomopathogenic Fungi: A Biocontrol Agent Nimbekar P. B. , Dhengle A. S., Thakare K. T., and Kale S. S.

16 Biofortification in Vegetable Crop DevelopmentFolane J. N. and Etther Y. B.

17 Role of Chloroplasts in Plant’s Defense ActivationPooja, P. S., Shadab, M. Khatib, and K. A. Sindhura

18 The Nutritional and Health Properties of Millet: Its Bioactive Compounds in the Prevention and Management of Chronic DiseasesSunil Kumar Prajapati, Deepak Kumar Rawat and Shikhar Verma

19 Coconut Milk, a Source of Growth and Development Promoting Substances for Crops  -Bhagawan Bharali, Alankrita Dutta, Nibedita Basumatary and Augustin Bey

20 Nanopore Technology and its Application in Gene SequencingEtther Y. B. and Folane J. N.

21 Tissue Engineering and Regenerative MedicineEtther Y. B. and Folane J. N.

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