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VOLUME : 05             ISSUE: 03    MARCH 2024

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Cover Page and Index

01 Financial Budget: Agriculture and Allied Sectors vis-à-vis Socioeconomic and Community Development - Mahesh Kadam, Amit Borkar and Harshvardhan Wagh

02 Jute Production and Protection: An Overview - Arindam Kumar and Archana Anokhe

03 Mustard Insect Pest and Their Integrated Pest Management: An Overview -Mitte Komal Priya and Archana Anokhe

04 Climate Smart Agriculture: Mitigation Strategies in Agriculture - Simadri Rajasri

05 Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture Sector - Simadri Rajasri

06 Microplastics in Soil: Assessing Environmental Risks and Remediation Strategies - Vijayakumari Raveendra Channavar, Jakir Hussain K. N. and Jagadeesh B. R.

07 Scope of Entrepreneurship in Agriculture - Simadri Rajasri

08 Role of Women in Farm Decision Making - Simadri Rajasri

09 Remote Sensing Application in Monitoring and Management of Soil and Water Pollution - Jakir Hussain K. N., Vijayakumari Raveendra Channavar, Varsha Somaraddi Radder and Jagadeesh B. R.

10 Aqualife -The Role in Vegetables - B. Nithya Sri and K. Nirosha

11 Nanocellulose: The Sustainable Reinforcement Revolutionizing Polymer Nanocomposites - B. Deepika and P. Ganesan

12 Nano Urea A Source of Sustainable Agriculture - Aditya Shri, Kumari Madhumala, Suman Kumari, Kumari Punam Sinha and Karanjeev Kumar

13 Blockchain for Transparency and Traceability in the Seafood Supply Chain - Vabaprita Priyadarshini, B. Deepika and P. Ganesan

14 The Circular Economy: Redefining Waste as a Valuable Resource - Taranpreet Kaur, Anjali Juyal and Hemu Rathore

15 Integrated Nutrient Management: A Long Term Solution - Vijayakumari Raveendra Channavar, Jakir Hussain K N, Varsha Somaraddi Radder and Jagadeesh B. R.

16 Improving Quality and Shelf Life of Seafood Products Using Plasma Technology - Mohamed Rizwan K. and P. Ganesan

17 Role and Importance of Microorganisms in Aquaculture Ponds for Sustainable Productivity and Management- An Overview - S.Manickavasagam, C.Sowmiya, and M.Ponmani

18 Environmental fate and impacts of microplastic pollutants in sediments, fishes, and human – An Outlook - S.Manickavasagam, G.Shalini, and M.Ponmani

19 Nemo’s Garden - B. Nithya Sri and K. Nirosha

20 Opportunities for Rural Collectives in Secondary Agriculture - Sanjeet Kumar Sameer

21 Agriculture Infrastructure Fund (AIF) - Opportunities for Farmer Producer Organizations - Sanjeet Kumar Sameer

22 Agroforestry’s Soil Legacy: Enduring Benefits for Future Generations - Vijayakumari Raveendra Channavar, Jakir Hussain K. N., Varsha Somaraddi Radder and Jagadeesh B. R.

23 Leveraging Genomic and Germplasm Resources to Improve Disease Resistance - Premalatha K.

24 Collection, Preservation and Identification of Phytoplankton – An Outlook - S.Manickavasagam, C.Saranya and M.Ponmani

25 Benefits of Jhum Cultivation – An Overview - Mari Murugan Selvam, S.Manickavasagam, and M.Ponmani

26 Spicing Up Life: The Cultural Significance and Regional Varieties of Chillies in India - K. Nirosha and B. Nithya Sri

27 Silk Samagra Scheme for Integrated Development of Silk Industry in India - Gulzar Ahmad Khan, Gulab Khan Rohela and L. K. Sharma

28 Climate Change Impact on Soil Biodiversity - Jakir Hussain K. N., Vijayakumari Raveendra Channavar, Varsha Somaraddi Radder and Jagadeesh B. R.

29 Application of Bioinformatics Tools and Software in Plant Breeding - Manoj Kumar, Sandhya, K.M. Sharma and Pawan Kumar

30 Easy Method for Organic Fertilizer to Turn Dry Leaves into Garden Gold- M.Santhosh Kumar, A.Mariselvammurugan, S.Manickavasagam and M.Ponmani

31 Overview of Greenhouse Farming in India - A.Mariselvammurugan, M.Santhosh Kumar,S.Manickavasagamand M.Ponmani

32 Waste Management, Biofuel and Bioremediation - Macherla Chandana*, Boga Neeraja Prabhakar and Veena Joshi

33 Importance of Embryo Transfer Technology in Livestock - Shamim Ali

34 The Tragedy of Ghost Fishing and Recent Surveys - S.Subanesam, S.Mariappan and T.Ravikumar

35 The Digital Earth: AI's Impact on Soil Studies - Vijayakumari Raveendra Channavar, Jakir Hussain K. N., Varsha Somaraddi Radder and Jagadeesh B. R.

36 Indian Context for Block Chain in the Fisheries Value Chain - M.Santhosh Kumar, A.Mariselvammurugan and S.Manickavasagam

37 Insect Traps: A Useful Tool In Integrated Pest Management -Priyanka P. Patil

38 Reviving Citrus Splendor: Managing Mandarin Decline in Northeast Himalayas - Amit Kumar Singh, Athikho Kayia Alice and Siddhartha Singh

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