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VOLUME : 04             ISSUE: 05      MAY 2023

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Cover Page and Index

01 Production Techniques of Biochar and Amendment for Global Climate Change Mitigation, Carbon Sequestration and Waste Management -Sunil Kumar Prajapati, Deepak Kumar Rawat and Bimlesh Kumar Prajapati

02 Drones and Agriculture: Farming Smart by Flying High Anurag Kapoor and Debjeet Sharma

03 Plant Based Ingredients Used in Aquaculture Feed Rajesh V. Chudasama and Arita M. Rathod

04 Micropropogation of Papaya (Carica Papaya L.) By Tissue Culture TechniquesAbhang Pratik Jagannath and Muthe Santosh Tukaram

05 Herbicide Resistant Crops- Its Prospects and Impacts T. Malemnganbi, A. P. Singh, L. Yosung, H. M Chishi and P. Irungbam

06 Bee Venom and Its Therapeutic Uses Abhay Kumar and Pallavi Ghosh

07 Bee Keeping: Need an Additional Source of Income Priya and Sunil Kumar Mandal

08 Contribution of Honeybees in Pollination of CropsVarsha and Pallavi Ghosh

09 Intelligent Packaging Technology: Innovative Way to Increase the Shelf Life of Food Sawant Sanket R.

10 Bayberry (Myrica spp.): A Lesser-Known Fruit Lhingneivah Chongloi and Takhellambam Henny Chanu

11 Phalsa and its BenefitsY.D. Haritha

12 Vertical Farming Aishwarya Rathod, Sunil Kinge and Arpita Kokate

13 Significance of Aleo Vera in Ayurveda and Lifestyle Vaishnavi Umesh Kudu,  Diya Bhoir, Sneha Aghav, Riya Kawale and Nitin Ubale

14 Role of ICT in AgricultureShubh Laxmi and Nimit Kumar

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