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VOLUME : 05             ISSUE: 05    MAY 2024

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Cover Page and Index

01 Yeast: A Potential Bio-stimulant for Plant Growth & DevelopmentSanchari Burman, Isha Pokhrel, Rupert Anand Yumlembam and Dawa Dolma Bhutia

02 Empowering Communities: The Intersection of Cooperative Business, Entrepreneurship Skills, and Socioeconomic DevelopmentMahesh Kadam and Amit Borkar

03 Value Added Products Prepared From Fish Mince and Fish SurimiPravin Dalavi

04 Greenhouse Production of Parthenocarpic Cucumber K. Nirosha and B. Nithya Sri

05 Prospects of Biological Weed Management in Organic Farming - H. F. Patel, A. I. Makwana, A. J. Bhandari   and L. J. Desai

06 Fate of Herbicide in Soil -Srinivasa Prasad L. and Chetana Banasode

07 River Continuum Concept and New Paradigm ShiftAnbarasan M, Senthamil R, S. Manickavasagam and A. Mariselvammurugan

08 Prophylactic Strategies for Enhancing Disease Prevention for Sustainable AquacultureM.Anbarasan, S. Manickavasagam, A.Mariselvammurugan and M Santhosh Kumar

09 Zinc Transformation in Soil under Submerged ConditionChetana Banasode and Srinivasa Prasad L.

10 Nature's Filtration System: Wetlands and Water Quality M. Ponmani, P. Padmavathy, D. Manimekalai and S. Manickavasagam

11 Soil Pollution and its Management PracticesSrinivasa Prasad L. and Chetana Banasode

12 Fractions of Soil Boron Chetana Banasode and Srinivasa Prasad L.

13 Empowering Education: Navigating the Educational Landscape with SWAYAM Mukesh Kuma1 and Atul Dhingra

14 Navigating the Impact of Xenobiotics: Biodegradation Dynamics in Marine Ecosystems M. Ponmani, P. Padmavathy, D. Manimekalai and S. Manickavasagam

15 The Agro-Industry Crop – Shahtoot (Morus alba)Koduru Bhagya Laxmi and Posham Raghuram

16 Nutrient Overload: Unveiling the Perils of Algal Blooms and EutrophicationM. Ponmani, P. Padmavathy, D. Manimekalai and S. Manickavasagam

17 Exploring the Workings of Research and Extension in India's Farming System DynamicsM.Santhosh Kumar, A.Mariselvammurugan, S.Manickavasagam, and M.Anbarasan

18 Navigating Distress for Fisher and Fish Farmers: Challenges and SolutionsM.Santhosh Kumar, A.Mariselvammurugan, S.Manickavasagam, & M.Anbarasan

19 Declining Water Resources and AgricultureShalwee and Ritu Nagdev

20 Lycopene in Tomatoes: A Trailblazer in Health Management K. Nirosha and B. Nithya Sri

21 Artemia Biology and Culture TechniquesA. Mariselvammurugan, M.Anbarasan, M. Santhosh Kumar and S. Manickavasagam

22 Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal as Alternative Fish Feed Ingredient in Aquaculture A Mariselvammurugan, M.Santhosh Kumar, M.Anbarasan and S.Manickavasagam

23 High Density and Meadow Orchard Planting System in Fruit CropsNanhe Lal Saroj, Karobi Handique, Ajay Patel, Sunil Ram and Jahnabi Hazarika

24 Farmer Producer Companies- Issues and Challenges- Ashwini Pramodrao Dangore, Akshay Sunil Dhengle , Ankita Dinakar Chakranarayan and Pravin S. Kavhar

25 Empowering Farmers through Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) Munjam Arun Kumar, M Chanakya  and Velpula Jhasi Rani

26 Marking Nut (Semicarpus anacardium) – A Review -Oviya P.  and  G S K Swamy

27 Innovation in Fishing Technologies: Pioneering Sustainable Practices S. Subanesam, S. Mariappan and T. Ravikumar

28 Non-insect Pests and Their Management -Priyanka P. Patil

29 Types of Damages to Plants by Different Insects - Priyanka P. Patil

30 Unveiling the Latest GI Tagged Vegetables: India's Agricultural Evolution -B. Nithya Sri and K. Nirosha

31 Minor Cucurbitaceae Vegetable Momordica cymbalaria - Kanukuntla Vanitha and Macherla Chandana

32 Nutritional Composition and Health Benefits of Cashew Apple Macherla Chandana  and Kanukuntla Vanitha

33 A Smart Farm Using Artificial Intelligence -J. Kavipriya and A. Vasuki - 

34 Marudhamaram – Cultivation practices of Terminalia arjuna -Koduru Bhagya Laxmi and Posham Raghuram

35 Egg Products -Disha Chavan

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