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VOLUME : 01             ISSUE: 07        NOVEMBER  2020

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Cover Page and Index

01. Soil Spectroscopy: Advance Soil Analysis Prediction TechnologyMundhe S. S. and Karad S.C.

02. Rain Water Harvesting: A ReviewPatil S. P.,  Gawande S. B. and Korde S. D.

03. Aerenchyma: A Physiological and Morphological Adaptation of Plants to Hypoxic ConditionApurba Pal

04. Onion Seed Production Technology ; To Meet the Demand of Quality SeedsWale V. D. and Patil P. V.

05. Bio-fertilizer: A Novel Tool for AgricultureMousumi Malo

06. Beetroot is a Good Tonic Food for Health – A ReviewMaske S. V., John David, Shelke S. A.

07. Processed Products from PapayaChorage C. A. and Singh Sweta

08. Impact of Organic Manures and Biofertilizers on Growth, Yield and Quality of TomatoMane N. C.

09. Vermicompost:  An Emerging Technology for Recycling of Crop ResiduesKawade. A.A., Muthal  Y.C. and Panchal V.V.

10. Strategies for Popularizing Millets in West Bengal Sandeep Kumar Singh

11. Efficient Packaging Material for Fruits and Vegetables Kadari I. A., Magar V. G. and Gondane S. P.

12. Identification of Pearl Millet Blast and Their ManagementDeshmukh S. K., Patil L. P., and Ghante P. H.

13. Pheromones of Insect is an Eco-Friendly Tool for Pest Management Dongarjal S. B., Pachole S. H. and Khaire P. B.

14. Eco-friendly Management Strategies Use against Leaf Webber and Capsule Borer in SesameMisal M. R. and Khaire P. B.

15. Brown Rice a Nutritional Power BoosterDeokar S. D., Patil S. G. and Mehetre A. N.

16. Principles of Food Preservation Gondane S. P. and Kadri I. A.

17. Cultivation Technology of Chick PeaVitnor S.S., Ingole D.G. and Bharade V. M.

18. Use of Mutation Breeding in Crop ImprovementSurashe S. M., Kalpande H. V., Rathod V.U. and Shinde G.S.

19. GST Impact on Financials in India: Reflections from Agricultural SectorSatarkar G. S. and Gaikwad A. S. 

20. Insects: Vector Responsible for transmitting Diseases in Plants Pachole S. H., Dongarjal S. B. and Khaire P. B.

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