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VOLUME : 02             ISSUE: 11      NOVEMBER  2021

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Cover Page and Index

01 Biochemical Characterization of Indole Producing Bacteria: A Brief Protocol Prashant Patidar, Archana Anokhe and Vinay Kalia

02 Exploitation of Underutilized Fruits of Western GhatsNisarga, G., Nagesh Naik and Kantharaju V.

03 An Inclusion Level of Animal-Based Ingredients to Make a Balanced Aquafeed P. Yuvarajan, M. Muthu Abishag, M. Mohamed Faizullah and V. Durai

04 Orange Oakleaf (Kalima inachus): National Butterfly of IndiaIpsita Samal and Bhupen Kumar Sahu

05 Identification of Bacteria Based on Their Ability to Utilise Amino Acids through Biochemical Detection Technique Aarti S. Gauns, Archana Anokhe, and Vinay Kalia

06 Soil Health Card: Scheme That Transforms Lives of Farmers - Peddi Naga Harsha Vardhan

07 Role of Radiation in Pest Management Manoj Kumar Jena and Sulva Priyadarsini

08 Knowledge on Some Insect Pests Attacking Different Parts of Teak Tumma Mounika and Tumma Bargavi

09 Pathogenecity and Virulence Factors of Phytopathogenic Bacteria Bhagyashree Bhatt and B.K.Namriboi

10 Soil Water Movement – Saturated and Unsaturated Flow S. Arunkumar

11 Drying Beads- A Novel Approach in Dry Chain TechnologyRachamalla Ravi Teja and Balagoni Maruthi

12 Flea Beetles: A New Introduced Pest in Niger CropDwarka

13 Determination of Fermentation Pathway by Methyl Red and Voges Proskauer (MRVP) TestShanmugaraj C., Archana Anokhe and Vinay Kalia

14 Probiotics in AquacultureS. Sudarshan, M. Geetha, S. Aanand and R. Karthik

15 Mangosteen : The Queen of Tropical FruitsNisarga, G., Nagesh Naik and Kantharaju V.

16 Biochemical Test for Detecting Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Producing BacteriaSwagata Thakur, Archana Anokhe and Vinay Kalia

17 Importance of UMMB for Livestock of LadakhShamim Ali and Rauf ul Hassan

18 Cotton Whitefly Upsurge: A Growing Concern for Farmers Manisha Yadav and Ankit Yadav

19 Biochemical Characterisation of Starch Hydrolysing BacteriaVelmurugan S., Archana Anokhe and Vinay Kalia

20 Increasing Incidence of Himalayan Brown Bear Attack on Livestock in KargilShamim Ali

21 An Introduction of Honey Bee and BeekeepingRakesh, Jaswant and Yogesh Panwar

22 Markers Assisted Selection in Plant BreedingAware S. A.

23 Litchi: Floral Biology and Fruit SetPurnita Raturi, Rajender Kumar and Jitendra Singh Shivran

24 Insects as Source of Food Lipsa Dash

25 Disease status of Northern Leaf blight in Aurangabad District Patil L. P., Jagtap G. P., Hingole D. G., Patil B. V. and Patil C. B.

26 Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Plant Disease Management Lande M. S.

27 Management Practices of Soil and Water Quality Parameters in AquacultureG. Ganesh and M. Kishore Kumar

28 Challenges in Food Security of IndiaAtla J. S.  and Panchal S. R.

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