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VOLUME : 01             ISSUE: 06        OCTOBER  2020

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Cover Page and Index

01. Germination: The Way of Entering into a New Life - Anish Choudhury and Snehashis Karmakar

02. Ex-Situ Bioremediation Techniques of Soil for Sustainability - Deepak Kumar Yadav, Sandeep Kumar Singh, Peeyush Kumar Jaiswal and Vijay Kumar

03. Protected Cultivation Special Reference to Fruit Production - Kadge N. R., Patil U. H. and Pawar A. P.

04. Molecular Biology of Plant Tolerant to Acidic Soil Condition - Yengkhom Linthoingambi Devi and Aditya Pratap Singh

05. Cordyceps Mushroom: Immuno-Modulator against COVID-19 - Sushila Choudhary, R. P. Ghasolia and Ramniwas Yadav

06. Dragon Fruit and its Health Benefits - A Review - Maske S. V., John David, and Shelke S. A.

07. Nanotechnology in Sustainable Agriculture - Jayashree Bhattacharjee and Debashre Bhattacharjee

08. Metagenomics: New Approach in Identifying Novel Gene - Bahatkar B. P.

09. Use of Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) for Healthy Crops - Mane N. C., Bhuwad A. V. and Bal A. S.

10. Farmers Producer Organization (FPO) under Indian Companies Act 2013 - Satarkar G. S.

11. Aromatic Rice: A Natural Gift Comes With High Price and Quality - Mousumi Malo

12. Leaf Curl Disease of Tomato: Identification, Transmission and Management - Sable M.V., Markad H.N. and Mete V.S.

13. Agrochemical Formulation: An Overview - Jadhav K.R., Sable M. V. and Markad H.N.

14. Hydroponic: Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Green Fodder - Shalu Kumar, Desai B.G., Harendra Singh Chauhan, Joshi A.V. and Mayekar A.J.

15. Coloured Wheat- a steps to Combat Malnutrition - Sandeep Kumar Singh and Deepak Kumar Yadav

16. Good Agricultural Practices (GAP): For Creating New Market Opportunities for Farmers and Exporters in Developing Countries - Sumanth Kumar G. V. and Raghavendra N.

17. Botanical Insecticides Trend in Sustainable Agriculture - Misal M.R. and Khaire P.B.

18. Humidity - Sensitive Genetic Male Sterility:  A New Tool in Rice Breeding - Jadhav C. B., Khaire P. B. and Rathod V. B.

19. Mushroom: Diseases, Pests and their Management - Gayakwad C. S., Mete V. S. and Khaire P. B.

20. Black Wheat Cultivation and Health Benefits - Suryawanshi P. K. and Pagar V. D.

21. Seed Treatment: Physical and Chemical Methods - Vitnor S.S., Bharade V.M. and Ingole D.G.

22. Herbal Spices: A Review - Shinde K.G., Bhalekar M.N. and Magar V.G.

23. Status and Prospects of Walnut Production in India - Paramjeet Sajwan, Ashok Yadav and Girish Sharma

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