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VOLUME : 02             ISSUE: 10       OCTOBER  2021

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Cover Page and Index

01 Pedogenic Evaluation of Soil and its Composition - S. Arunkumar

02 Effector Triggered Immunity in Plants - Bhagyashree Bhatt and B. K. Namriboi

03 Bio stimulants use in horticulture - A review - Jasmitha, B. G. and G.S.K. Swamy

04 Common Diseases of Oyster Mushroom and Its Management - Nongthombam Olivia Devi

05 Safe Navigation for Fishing Vessel  - S. Viswanathan and V. Durai

06 Pests, Causes for Outbreak and Categories - I - Dwarka

07 Host Shifts by Plant Pathogens: An Issue of Concern - Bhagyashree Bhatt and B. K. Namriboi

08 Mycotoxins: Effects and Management - Ratul Moni Ram

09 Importance of Soil Test and Collection of Soil Sample - Yeshe A. S. and Gourkhede P. H.

10 Farm Women Contribution - Ragade R. D.

11 Modern Taxonomic Tools in Fish Identification - S. Kesavan

12 An Overview on Precision Agriculture for Sustainable Development - Arpit Jangid, Rajnni Dogra and Bhalerao A. K.

13 Enrichment of Cereal Grains with Iron through Ferti-Fortification - Sabia Akhter,  Ambreen Nabi, Vaseem Yousuf, Rukhsana Jan and Iram Farooq

14 Prime Minister Mudra Loan Yojna 2021 - Ritu, Vikas Gill, Surya Bamal and Yugvinder

15 Fortified Component Used in Sericulture Industry - Swarali Mhatre

16 Global Warming & Dairy Animals: Preventive Measures - Bhupesh Chahal, Naleeni Ramawat and Gaikwad D.S.

17 Role of Essential Oil in Poultry Diet: New advances - Shubhi Agrawal, Gaikwad D. S. and Naleeni Ramawat

18 Climate - Smart Agriculture: Importance in Indian Agriculture - Nikita Sharma, Sakshi Rana, Naleeni Ramawat and Gaikwad D. S.

19 Applications of Advanced technology in Crop and Animal Production - Sunidhi Kasana, Gaikwad D.S. and NaleeniRamawat

20 Consumer Guidelines for Fresh Fish Quality in Fish Markets and Landing Centers - S. Sundhar, R. Jeya Shakila, S. Aanand, T. Surya, B. Sivaraman and R. Shalini

21 Artificial Lighting – Impact of LED Light on Various Attribute of Plant -  Hrushikesh K. Vaddoriya and Bhalerao A. K.

22 Essentiality of Macronutrients in Flower Crops - Swapnil Raghatate and Balkishor Muradi

23 Improved Production Technology of Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.) - Swapnil Raghatate

24 Scientific Cultivation of Broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. var.italica) Jadhav C. B.,Adsure R. M. and Khaire P. B.

25 The novel Non-Thermal Technology: Cold Plasma Technology - Suguna P, BharathiPriya R, Masilan K, and Muralidharan N

26 Legumes in Crop Production System - Adsure R. M., Jadhav C. B., Adsure S. G. and Gaikwad A. A.

27 Banana Peel Powder: An Overview - Patil S. P. and Chavan S. V.

28 Agricultural Apps: to Empower Farmers -  Peddi Naga Harsha Vardhan

29 Fabrication in Banana : A New Avenue  for Additional Income - Nisarga, G., Nagesh Naik, Harshitha S. B. and Nethravathi B. C.

30 Indigenous Knowledge and Practices for the Management of Fall Army Worm (Spodoptera frugiperda) - Tumma Mounika

31 Remote Sensing in Precision Farming for Monitoring Agricultural Activities - Rakesh, Hardeep Singh, Jaswant and Yogesh Panwar

32 Rhizobium Natural Biofertilizer for Leguminous Crops - Walunj A. A.

33 Enrichment of Cereal Grains with Manganese through Ferti-Fortification - Sabia Akhter, Ambreen Nabi, Vaseem Yousuf, Khurshid Ahmad Sofi, Iram Farooq and K. A. Zargar

34 Most Sustainable and Profitable Source for Small Farms: Backyard Poultry Farming - Avantika Lingwal, Gaikwad D. S. and Naleeni Ramawat

35 The role of Poultry Sector after Post Pandemic Period - Himanshu Upadhyay, Gaikwad D. S. and Naleeni Ramawat

36 Heterosis Breeding in Bottle Gourd (Lagenaria siceraria L.) - Vikas Gill, D.S. Duhan, Surya Bamal and Yugvinder

37 Increase Yield in Potato through Drip Irrigation and Best Management Practices: A Success Story - H. F. Patel, A. I. Makwana, J. K. Bana and N.B. Patel

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