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VOLUME : 01             ISSUE: 05        SEPTEMBER  2020

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Cover Page and Index

01. An Overview of Defense Mechanism against Plant Pathogens - Rajneesh Thakur, Manica Tomar and Dharmesh Gupta 

02. Good Hygienic Practices in Meat Processing - Deshpande H.W, Phulari S.S. and Katke S.D. 

03. Effect of Drought Stresses on Plant Growth and Development - Mane N. C., Bhuwad A. V. and Varadkar R. S. 

04. Threats on Tribal Food Repository of Cold Desert - Antul Kumar, Anuj Choudhary and Harmanjot 

05. Role of Government in Economic Development - V. Keerthana and D. Sowmiya 

06. Lucerne (Medicago Sativa L.): Succulent Fodder for Livestock - Bhosale T. R. and Antre G. R. 

07. Molecular Markers for Crop Improvement - Magar S. G. and Magar V. G. 

08. Management Strategies Used against Fungal Diseases of Capsicum - Pawar S. V., Khaire P. B. and Mane S. S. 

09. Black Scurf Disease of Potato and their Management Strategies - Khaire P. B., Uikey D. W. and Mane S. S. 

10. Biocontrol Agents of Uzi Fly: A Potential Solution for Silk Industry - Bhupen Kumar Sahu and Ipsita Samal 

11. Ancient Use and Recipes of Foxtail Millet - Karvar S. H. 

12. Ginger - Powerful Immunity Booster A Review - Maske S. V., John David and Shelke S. A. 

13. Women Participation and Contribution in Indian Agriculture - Arunima Konar and Sudip Nayak 

14. Benefits of Consuming Lentils in Our Daily Diet - Chorage C. A. 

15. COVID-19 Effect on Agriculture in India and the Global Scenario - Mane S. S., Khaire P. B. and Uikey D. W. 

16. Phytoplasma : Mycoplasma Like Organism - Kashid V. S., Shinde S. S., and Nawale J. S. 

17. Factors Responsible for Micronutrients Availability in Soil-Plant System  -Kakde G.C., Gourkhede P.H. and Shilewant S.S.

18. New Flowers Suitable For Drying and its Drying Techniques - Patil U.H., Pawar A.P. and Kadge N.R. 

19. Biofortification in Fruit Crops - Kadge N.R., Pawar A.P. and Patil U.H. 

20. Kisan Rath: Solution of Farmers for Agri-Product Transportation - Preeti Lata Singh, Deepak Kumar Yadav and Sandeep Kumar Singh 

21. Influence of Weather Parameters on Emergence of Plant Diseases - Sandeep Kumar Singh, Deepak Kumar Yadav and Preeti Lata Singh

22. Brown Manuring for Effective Weed Management and Sustainable Yield in Rice - TH. Anupama Devi

23. Panchagavya an Eco-Friendly Formulation and Organic Growth Promoter of Plants - Kachave T.R., Dhamak A.L. and Gourkhede P.H.

24. Concept and Techniques of Land Use Planning - Shilewant S.S., Zade S.P. and Gourkhede P.H.

25. Photoselective Shade Netting in Vegetable Crops - Pawar A. P., Kadge N. R. and Patil U. H. 

26. Molecular Mechanism and Models of Flower Development in Plants - Yengkhom Linthoingambi Devi 

27. Indigenous Technical Knowledge for Weed Management and Insect-Pest Management - Wale V. D. and Patil P. V.  

28. Trichogramma - Classical Egg Parasitoid - Patil P. V., Wale V. D. and Shete S. A. 

29. Sustainable Agriculture through Organic Farming - Kadam S. M. and Phondekar U. R. 

30. Power Tiller: A Boon for Marginal and Small Land Holding Farmers in India - Fartade A.C. and Kanade S. A.

31. Importance of Seaweed Extract on Growth and Yield of Agriculture Crops - Sumanth Kumar G. V. and Jyoti Jadipujari  

32. Green Manuring: For Sustainable Crop Production - Kumbhar N.M., Rawool S.A., Palsande V.N. and Wani A.G.

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