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VOLUME : 03             ISSUE: 09      SEPTEMBER 2022

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Cover Page and Index

01 Food Irradiation: an assurance for food security in Africa -  Bamishaiye Eunice I.

02 Biochar in Plant Disease Managaemnt - Biswajit Jena and Lipilipsa Priyadarshinee

03 Salinity Impact on Plant Growth and Management Deekshith V. C.

04 The Effect of Mutation in Agricultural EvolutionJayashri Folane and Yashoda Etther

05 Spirulina - A Complete Protein Food Surve V. D. and Uwais S. Shaikh                              

06 Alternate Bearing in Fruit Crops Manish Kumar and Mukesh Bishnoi

07 Steps Towards Enhance Farmer Income A. S. Pawar, P. P. Navale, K. D. Rajale, S. K. Gajbhiye and B.R Chavan

08 Importance of Weather Forecasting in AgricultureChakane S. R. and Shinde S. A.

09 Lotus Silk: A Sacred Luxury and Rarest Fabrics in the WorldKshetrimayum Manishwari Devi and Tabuiliu Abonmai

10 Nanofertilizers – Role in Modern AgricultureArun Kumar Kondeti, Satish Kumar Y. S., Narasimhulu R., Isha Parveen S., Lakshmi Kalyani D. and Pabahkar K.

11 Drought and Its Potential Impacts on AgricultureChakane S. R., Inamke P. S. and Shinde S. A. 

12 Role of Biofertilizers in Vegetable CropsNeha M. Arolkar, Amol K Jadhav and S. J. Syed

13 Phosphorus Availability with Alkaline/ Calcareous SoilInamke P. S., Shinde S. A. and Chakane S. R.

14 Weeds Beneficial EffectsKshetrimayum Manishwari Devi and Tabuiliu Abonmai

15 A Dream Technology- Artificial Photosynthesis for Energy -Efficient Food ProductionMehraj Sofi and Mamta Kumari Tanwar

16 Dryland Agriculture - Kshetrimayum Manishwari Devi

17 Nutraceutical Importance of an Underutilized Wood Apple FruitAshok Yadav, Sandeep Garg, Satyam Bansal, Ayyandar Arunachalam, Sushil Kumar, Suman Lata, Badre Alam and Inder Dev

18 Maintainance of Crop Nutrient Status under Natural FarmingKawade. A. A., Panchal. V. V. and Patil. R. L.

19 Brown Rice: Most Nutritional and Healthy FoodPanchal. V.V., Kawade. A.A. and Patil. R.L.

20 Paddy Residue Management Patil. R. L., Panchal V. V., and Kawade. A.A.

21 Mushroom: An OverviewAshwini D. Matte

22 FasTrack Breeding –A Speciality Crop Breeding in Perennial Fruits Ruchitha T.

23 Resistance (R) Genes and Their Role In Host Resistance Sahane P. A., Phondekar U. R. and Patil S. S.

24 Plant Metabolomics Yashoda Etther and Jayashri Folane

25 Role of Toxines in Plant PathogenesisYashoda Etther and Jayashri Folane

26 The Effect of Mutation in Agricultural Evolution Jayashri Folane and Yashoda Etther

27 Role of Phytohormone to Improve the Yield of Oilseed Crop Jayashri Folane and Yashoda Etther

28 RNAi Technology a New Insight to Control Dimond Back MothKaredla Ashok Kumar and Adhikari Mounika

29 Traditional Knowledge and Usage of Ethno Medicinal Plants in District Kinnaur of Himachal Pradesh Akanksha Klate, Shilpa, Niyati Thakur and Ajit Sharma

30 Role of Protected Cultivation of Flowers in Improving the Socio-Economic Status of Farmers in Seraj Valley of Himachal Pradesh

 - Pooja, Shilpa, Niyati Thakur and Ajit Sharma

31 Status of Co-Operative Societies Engaged in Rural Development Trupti Rathod

32 How to Measure Livelihood Sustainability? Sustainable Livelihood Security Index (SLSI) Method - Johns Tiyndel G and Lachhaman Tudu

33 Microalgae a Source of Bio-energy Surve V. D. and Tompe T. H.

34 A Study of the Damselfly: A Predatory Pseudo-FlyManoj Kumar Jena and Satikanta Sahoo

35 Nanomaterials on Growth and Development of Horticultural Crops Sukanya Misra

36 Mechatronic- A Concept toward the Precision Planter V. S. Vala and R. Yadav

37 Effect of Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) on Accelerating/Delaying Ripening in Postharvest Life Fruits and VegetablesSrujana Eda

38 Privatization of Agricultural Extension Services Rathod T.P. and Gosavi N. K.

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