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VOLUME : 02             ISSUE: 04        APRIL  2021

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Cover Page and Index

01 Seed Setting and Grain Filling in Sunflower Mousumi Malo

02 West Indian Cherry: Nature’s Vitamin-C Capsule Jasmitha, B. G. and Honnabyraiah, M. K.

03 Allelopathic Weed Management : A Future Aspects Aakash Sunaratiya and Prabhu Lal Jat

04 Look Over Shrimp Gut – As a Signpost Approach to Shrimp Health Management P. Yuvarajan, P. Chidambaram, Mahadevi and S. Karthick

05 Agricultural Governance through ICT, Ekhande Y. S. and  Raykar  S. S.

06 Biodynamic Preparations: Cow Pat Pit (CPP)Bankar S. L., Misal  L. S. and Shinde R. B.

07 Total Factor Productivity Growth: A Review of Measurement Issues in the Indian Context of Crop SectorSalunkhe S.V.  and Shirsath A.H.

08 Bonsai Making Vitnor S.S. Ingole D.G. and Bharade V.M.

09 Multiparent Advanced Generation Intercross PopulationsSandhya, Manoj Kumar, Mukul and Pawan Kumar

10 Strategies for Improving Sugar Recovery in Sugarcane Mousumi Malo

11 Identification of Tomato Insect Pests and Their Integrated Pest ManagementDwarka Prasad Athya and Shiv Kumar Ahirwar

12 Pearl Millet – a Minor Millet with Many BenefitsKonni Appala Raju  and Varun Gudla

13 Nanotechnology: An Emerging Agro-productivity Tool Kiran, Deepak Kumar and Ganesh Kumar Koli

14 Nationalization of BanksShelake P.N. and Gosavi N.K.

15 Value addition in Traditional Flower Crops Ajit Pawar, Wadekar V.D., and Nikhil Ankalagi

16 Minimum Support Price- An Overview Shelake P. N. and Wandare G. A.

17 Cercospora Leaf Spot of Brinjal and its ManagementSukanya Gogoi and Mallikarjun Channappa Chitti

18 Ornamental Crustaceans - The Lustrous Living Jewels M. Muthu Abishag

19 COVID-19 and Risks to Food Safety Manisha Dutta and Priyanka Bhattacharyya

20 Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE) an OverviewCharoskar D. N. and Arun Y. P.

21 Sesame Seed and its Health Benefits – A Review -Maske S. V., John David, and Shelke S. A.

22 Phytoalexin: A Plant Defensive Tool Ratul Moni Ram

23 Targeting Induced Local Lesions in Genomes and its Relevance to Polymorphism Assessment and Plant Breeding -Vijeta Gupta and Renu

24 Need of Precision Farming in Horticultural CropsBrijesh Kumar Yadav and Sandeep Kumar Singh

25 Obesity: A Priority for Women’s Health and DevelopmentPriyanka Bhattacharyya and Manisha Dutta

26 Fintech for Indian Financial Inclusion 2020 Bramarambica Devi K. M.

27 Proffessional Attitude to Be a Potent Employee Bramarambica Devi K. M.

28 Brinjal shoot and fruit borer  (Pyralidade; Lepidoptera): An Emerging Agricultural Borers Pest Gajendra Singh

29 Biodynamic Farming : A sustainable Farming Method -Bordoloi, A. and Hazarika, D. N.

30 Eco-physiological Factors Relation with Successful Fruit Crops ProductionJitendra Singh Shivran, Mohan Lal Jat and R.K. Jat

31 Kadaknath: The Black Chicken of IndiaDimpi Choudhury

32 Genetically Modified Horticultural CropsMotapalukula Jyothi and Sabavat Raju Naik

33 Indoor Gardening: An Eco-friendly Approach for Environmental Sustainability Safeena S. A.

34 Tagging and Mapping of Major QTLs for Complex Traits in Sorghum -Sabavat Raju Naik and Motapalukula Jyothi

35 Biomedical Imaging in Animal Health Diagnostics -Abisha Juliet Mary S. J. and Dhayanath M.

36 Management of Nursery in Horticultural CropsG. Chandrashekhar

37 Agroforestry in Organic farmingAmita Sharma and Gyanaranjan Sahoo

38 Innovative Extension Systems for Doubling Farmers Income Sonia Rani and Nimit Kumar

39 Ichthyocrinotoxins - Fish Defensins: An OverviewR. Prathisha

40 Role of Women to Reduce the Rate of Environmental Degradation Sonia Rani and Nimit Kumar

41 Hydroponic: A Novel Technique of Green Fodder Production Surve V. D. and Kamble S. A.

42 Identification of Pests of Groundnut and their IPMDwarka Prasad Athya and Angad Patel

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