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VOLUME : 05             ISSUE: 04    APRIL 2024

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Cover Page and Index

01 Conservation and Sustainable Consumption of the Marine Resources: Sustainable Development Goals 14 (Life below Water)Manickavasagam Samiyappan, Ponmani Muthu, A. Mariselvammurugan and S.Mariappan

02 Entomopathogenic Fungi : A Novel Approach In Insect Pest Control Priyanka P. Patil

03 Advance  in Fish DryingDisha Chavan

04 Exploring the Nutritional Prowess of Methi SeedsPragati Yadav

05 India's Traditional Wisdom: Exploring Indigenous Technical KnowledgeGirish K. S.

06 Review on Parvo viral infection in Dogs and its Therapeutic Management Vikram Chandu V., Eshwar Devasoth, Meruva Nageswara S K P. and Ch Siva Ramakrishna

07 Vegetables: A Source of Nutraceuticals P. Rajya Laxmi  and V. Umesh Kumar

08 Blue Carbon-The Nature Climate SuperheroM.Ponmani, S.Manickavasagam, P.Padmavathy and D.Manimekalai

09 RNAi Technology for Biotic Stress Management Snehlata R. Gamit, Hardik S. Lad and H. R. Ramani

10 Nutritional Benefits of Carambola: A Star-Studded FruitKumari Madhumala and Karanjeev Kumar

11 Bioremediation: A Sustainable Tool for Environmental ManagementSneha, M. A.

12 Recent Developments in Removal of Hull Fouling in Ships-Emiema S., Ravikumar, T., and Mariappan S.

13 Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) in Ships-Ravikumar T., Emiema S., and Mariappan S.

14 Fish Aggregating Devices as a Sustainable Fishing Practice  -Ravikumar T., Emiema S. and Mariappan S.

15 Recirculatory Aquaculture System using in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) CultureM.Anbarasan, A.Mariselvammurugan , M.Santhosh Kumar and S.Manickavasagam

16 Mulching in Vegetable Crops P. Rajya Laxmi  and MD Sadik Pasha

17 Cooperatives- A Way to Socio-Economic Self Sufficiency Mahesh Kadam, Amit Borkar and Pravin Jadhav

18 Trichogramma : An Egg Parasitoid As Effective Biocontrol Agent For InsectsPriyanka P. Patil

19 Development of Bio- Fortified Vegetable Varieties by Utilizing Different Breeding Methods B. Nithya Sri and K. Nirosha

20 Biostimulants: Innovation to Modern Agriculture Sakambari Chaudhary

21 Unlocking the Potential of Molecular Farming-A Comprehensive OverviewSandhya, Manoj Kumar , Mukul and Pawan Kumar

22 Superfoods on the Path to Health: A New Perspective - Kishor Anerao, Hemant Deshpande, Pravin Kapse, and Prasad Gangakhedkar

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