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VOLUME : 04             ISSUE: 11    NOVEMBER 2023

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Cover Page and Index

01 Importance of Horticulture in EconomyAkshay Mehta, Alkesh Yadav and Aman Kumar

02 The Kiwifruit Craze Sweeping Across India: A Taste of Sweet Success!Kiran Rathod, Shemoo Nisar, Biswajit Karmakar, Mahabub Alam and Tanmoy Mondal

03 Insects: Essential Contributors to Agriculture's Ecosystem -Laxman Singh Saini

04 Pesticide Spraying Technology and its Safe Use -Priyanka P. Patil

05 Effect of Sulphur Fertilizer in Plant -Hardik S. Lad, H. R. Ramani and Aditi Chauhan

06  Biostimulant: A Sustainable Strategy to Mitigate Stress in Horticultural Crops -Shrilatha K. A.,  and Nayana K. R.

07 Rooted Apical Cutting (RAC) - A Novel Technology To Boost Potato Seed System-Shrilatha K A., and Nayana K R

08 Mobile Robot in Agriculture: Advancements, Applications and Future Prospects-Amitabh Soni, and MD. Faiyaz Ahmed

09 Ashoka - Miracle Medicinal Tree -Macherla Chandana and G. Vidya

10 Fuchsia magellanica: Properties to its Cultivation - A Comprehensive Overview -Krishna Biswas

11 Increase Resources Use Efficiency through Conservation Agriculture -J. B. Vasave and R. R. Sisodiya

12 Recent Technology in Agriculture -J. B. Vasave and R. R. Sisodiya

13 Effective Weed Management through Soil Solarization -J. B. Vasave and R. R. Sisodiya

14 Hydrogel: A Boon for Agriculture -Chauhan Aditi, Sonal Tripathi and Hardik S. Lad

15 Ethical Considerations in Weed Management -J. B. Vasave and R. R. Sisodiya

16 Integrated Pest Management in Rice -Priyanka P. Patil

17 The Role of Vermiwash in Sustainable Agriculture: A Comprehensive Review -J. B. Vasave and R. R. Sisodiya

18 Optimizing Agricultural Efficiency: Precision Tillage Techniques and Their Impact on Crop Yields and Soil Health -J. B. Vasave and R. R. Sisodiya

19 Micropropagation of Banana (Musa acuminata L.) -Sajagane Vipul Baban and Muthe Santosh Tukaram

20 Enhancing Nutrient Use Efficiency through Site Specific Nutrient Management -Aishwarya Rathod

21 Importance of Designer Egg for Improving the Health Status of Human Being -Shamim Ali

22 An Ecological Impact of Jellyfish Occurrence in Marine Environment -S.Manickavasagam, Ponmani Muthu, Nirmal T.,  and Kavi Revanth

23 Onion (Allium cepa L.) -Nayana, K. R. and Shrilatha K. A.

24 Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) -Nayana, K. R. and Shrilatha, K. A.

25 Tips for Realization of Maximum Nutrients From Vegetables -K. Nirosha

26 Plankton and Benthos as Pollution Indicator -M.Ponmani, S.Manickavasagam, P.Padmavathy and D.Manimekalai

27 Diving into the Microcosm: Zooplankton Collection and Identification -M. Ponmani, P. Padmavathy, S. Manickavasagam and D. Manimekalai

28 Habitat Suitability for Marine Fish Distribution -M.Ponmani, S.Manickavasagam, P.Padmavathy  and D.Manimekalai

29 Marine and Coastal Aquatic Environment in the Livelihood Aspects -S.Manickavasagam, Ponmani Muthu, S.Mariappan, Nirmal T. and Kavi Revanth 

30 Problems for Conservation of Biodiversity and Resources -S. Manickavasagam, Ponmani Muthu, Nirmal T.  and Kavi Revanth

31 Unlocking the Green Revolution: The Power of Humic Acid in Agriculture -Kiran Rathod, Shemoo Nisar, Biswajit Karmakar, Mahabub Alam and Tanmoy Mondal

32 Importance of an Advanced Propagational Method in Pomegranate -Rajneesh Sharma, Devendra Singh, Laxman Singh Rajput, Aman Verma, Rahul D Damale, Kartar Singh

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