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VOLUME : 02             ISSUE: 02        FEBRUARY  2021

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Cover Page and Index

01 Infra-red Thermography: A Potential Tool for Plant Phenotyping - Babar R.R., Palghadmal R.M., Mahesh Kumar, Waghmare G. M., and Jagadish Rane

02 Dragon Fruit: World and Indian Production Scenario - Waghmare G. M. , Jadhav A. R. and Shinde V. N.

03 Farm Loan Waiver: Need for Framers Upliftment in View Agricultural Scholars - Ritik Chawla and Chandan Kumar Rout

04 Zero Budget Farming in Relation to Present and Future of Indian Agriculture - Thoke N. U.

05 Chitosan: A Godsend Biopolymer - Palghadmal R. M., Babar R. R., Palghadmal S. M.

06 Farm Loan Waiver: A Temporary Necessity but Not a Permanent Solution for Farmer’s And Agricultural Upliftment in India - Garudkar S.R. and Tambe P.R.

07 Applications of Remote Sensing in Agriculture - Kutawal M. M., Kapare P. B., and Kolekar A. B.

08 Contingency Crop Planning: Avoid Risk of Aberrant Weather Conditions - Kapare P. B., Kutawal M. M., and Kolekar A. B.

09 Sources of Agricultural Finance - Karanjalkar A. P. and Dhok A. A.

10 Physiological Disorders in Solanaceous Crop: Potato - Vitnor S. S.,Ingole D. G. and Bharade V. M.

11 Reverse Breeding and Novel Plant Breeding Technique - Mangave S. S. and Patil N. S.

12 Endosymbiotic Hypothesis: Origin of Mitochondria and Chloroplast - Patil N. S. and Mangave S.S.

13 Effect of Allelopathy on Crops - Bankar S. L., Desaipatil S. R.  and Ajabe M.A.

14 Objectives and Principles of Watershed Management - Bankar S. L., Navsare G. J.  and Hange R.S.

15 Minimal Processing in Pomegranate - Langade N. J., Gavali A. H., and Babar R. R.

16 Countermeasures against Climate Change for Agricultural Sector - Mousumi Malo

17 Conservation Agriculture: Principles, Advantages and Challenges - Mousumi Malo

18 A Step Towards to Change Scenario of Agricultural Marketing through: Ordinance 2020 - Vilhekar R. A. and Mali B.K.

19 Perspectives of Zero Budget Farming on Sustainable Agriculture -  Sreedhar B.K., Manisha Analiya, and Mounica Chowdary

20 Push-Pull Strategy for Insect Pest Control -  Ayan Das and Jayita Hore

21 Significant Use of Botanicals in Pest Management - Pramila Choudhury, Utpal Das  and Sangita Limma

22 Leafhoppers (Cicadellidae; Hemiptera): An Emerging Agricultural Sucking Pest  - Mogili Ramaiah and Archana Anokhe

23 Karonda: A Medicinal Plant with Immense Economic Potentials - Krishan Kumar Singh and Shiv Pratap Singh

24 Eco-Physiological Phases of Insect Diapause Mogili Ramaiah and Archana Anokhe

25 Drum Seeder: Sustainable Paddy Establishment Techniques for ProfitabilityDeepak Kumar Yadav, Vijay Pratap, Alekh Kumar Sharma and Rakesh Maurya

26 Dynamic Regression Models Used in AgricultureRakesh Kumar Meena, Shashi Shekhar, Mukesh Kumar Yadav and Saurav Singla              

27 Granger Causality for Multivariate Time Series in AgricultureRakesh Kumar Meena, Shashi Shekhar, Mukesh Kumar Yadav and Saurav Singla              

28 Prospects of Hydroponic Fodder Production Adsure R. M, Wani Prathmesh and Patare S. D

29 Marker- Free Transgenic Development in PlantsJadhav C. B., Adsure R. M. and Khaire P. B.

30 Zero Budget Farming in relation to Present and Future of Indian Agriculture Rinju Lukose, Kalbande S. R. and Phadtare P. D.

31 Recent Biotechnological Advances in Agriculture: Benefits and RisksSumanth Kumar G.V., Pratima Ningaraddi Morab and Katara Akshay Rameshbhai

32 Drought of India -Kawade. A.A., Panchal V.V. and Dhanawde S.B.

33 Oyster (Dhingri) Mushroom CultivationGurve S. S.,  Shirke M. S. and Turkhade P. D.

34 Hydroponic, Step towards Smart Agriculture Raheem Khan , Rokade H. N. , Shinde G.U., and Kakade A.S.

35 Solar Energy – Today's Resource for a Brighter Tomorrow! Gore A.M.

36 Beetroot -A Remarkable Vegetable Patil S. P. and Chavan S.V.

37 Farm Bill: Prospects and Reality Panchal S. R.

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