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VOLUME : 04             ISSUE: 07      JULY 2023

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Cover Page and Index

01 Fish Cooperatives in Maharashtra-A Need of Transformation - Hema Yadav, Mahesh Kadam and Pravin Jadhav

02 Fishing gear Recycling- Minimizing Waste and Promoting Sustainability - S. Archana

03 Apiculture: A Way towards Sustainable Agriculture - Aishwarya Rathod, Sunil Kinge and Neha Rathod

04 Foliar Nutrition: An Important Agro-Technique for Bio-Fortification to Mitigate Malnutrition Problem under Global Climate Change -Arup Sarkar and Arijit Karmakar

05 Azadirechta Indica: Medicinal and Industrial Use of Tree - Mahala Vrushali R.

06 The Role of Bio-Fortified Rice to Eradicate Hidden Hunger - M. S. Umar Farooq and Kulsumbi A. Korihalli

07 Oyster Mushroom Cultivation at Sikkim - Rupert Anand Yumlembam, Bompi Kamsi, Pelzor Tamang, Renchilo Humtsoe, Nusolu Naroh, Kimneichong Gangte, Hitler Athokpam, Temsuinba T

08 Grape Wine: Production and Cultural Significance - Hardeep Singh, Ekmjot Sharma and Shamsher Singh

09 Importance of Weather Forecasting in Agriculture - Chakane S. R.

10 Sustainable Agriculture: Today's and Tomorrow's Need - Shripati Dwivedi, Deepak Kumar Patel, Vinay Kumar, Alok Dube and Rishabh Mishra

11 Nutritional Gardening: A Sustainable Use For Health And Environment - Yogita Paliwal and Anjali Juyal

12 Revolutionizing Indian Agriculture: The Rise of Digital Payments for Farmers - Manisha Lawankar, Rohit Shelar and Bolleboina Shilpa

13 Flying Doctors: Entomovectoring in Crop Protection - Sangeeta Dash

14 The Risk of Using Chemical in Pond Aquaculture - M. Ponmani, P. Padmavathy, V. Rani, D. Manimekalai and S. Manickavasagam

15 "Ixora: A Jewel of the Landscape” -Unveiling the Importance and Beauty of Ixora Plants - Pratheeksha C. T., Pooja Shree S. and   Udaya T.V.

16 The Nutritional Marvels: Unveiling the Astonishing Health Benefits of Dry Fruits - Pooja Shree S., Pratheeksha C T. and Maruvarasi P.

17 Communication Skills in Agriculture: Need and Importance - Ekmjot Sharma and Shamsher Singh

18 The Relevance and Purpose of Seed Enzymes in Seed Germination - Kulsumbi A. Korihalli and M. S. Umar Farooq

19 An Overview of Smart Aquaponics System - S. Manickavasagam, Stephen Sampath Kumar, M. Ponmani and Kavi Revanth

20 Drudgery Reduction through Farm Mechanization in Land Preparation and Sowing Operations in Paddy - Maddali Anusha

21 Hyper-Spectral Imaging Meets Artificial Intelligence: A Game-Changer for Plant Disease Diagnosis - Lalit Patil, Pratiksha Biradar, Shalaka Ahale and Aniruddha Deshmukh

22 Applications of Biochar in Insect Pest Management - Geeta Devi

23 Endophytes: An Ecofriendly Approach in Plant Disease Management - Sweety Chakraborty, Abhishek Kumar  and Dawa Dolma Bhutia

24 Yeasts: The soul of wine Industry - Veeresh D A, Isha Pokhrel and Dawa Dolma Bhutia

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