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VOLUME : 03             ISSUE: 05      MAY 2022

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Cover Page and Index

01 Micronutrient Deficiency: Leading Cause of MalnutritionAman Verma, Devendra Singh and Mahipal Choudhary

02 The Principal Role of Organic Fertilizer to Enhance Soil FertilityKasinam Doruk

03 Application and advantages of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drone) in Agriculture FarmingGhadge A.S. and Shahare P.U.

04 Farm Made Fish Feeds by Small Scale Carp Farmers S. Archana              

05 River Bed Cultivation of Cucurbits Karande P. J.

06 Biotechnology based Genic Male Sterility Stystem in Maize Sunaina Yadav, Bhasker Reddy S. and Adithya P. Balakrishnan

07 Nematode Management Strategies in Precision AgricultureNangki Tagi,  Jisna George and Ruthy Tabing

08 Geographical Indications of Vegetables, Spices and Plantation crops Karande P. J.

09 Water Saving Techniques: Deficit and Partial Root-Zone Drying IrrigationSonal D. Jadhav, D.D.Nangare and Vijaysinha Kakade

10 Awareness and Demonstration of the Soil Health Card Scheme Benefits for Rural Development Nainsinaya and Subuhi Nishad

11 Morphometric Identification of Fall Army Worm, Spodoptera frugiperda N. Lakshmi Gayathri and K. Vinodh

12 Fruit Bagging- A Good Agriculture Practice in the King of FruitsN. Lakshmi Gayathri and M. Gopi Prasad

13 Oil Cakes and its Effect on Plant Parasitic Nematodes Nangki Tagi, Jisna George, Punam Bagang and Ruthy Tabing

14 Role of Rhizobium in Nitrogen FixationJisna George and Nangki Tagi

15 Integrated Disease Management Practices for Anthracnose Disease of ChilliAnik Majumdar

16 Plant- Nematode InteractionNangki Tagi,  Jisna George and Ruthy Tabing

17 Anther Culture Techniques - Yashoda Etther and Jayashri Folane

18 Trichoderma spp. as a Biocontrol Agent of Root Knot NematodeJisna George and Nangki Tagi

19 Green Technology for Organic Spices Cultivation Seelothu Rakesh and Ameda Swarnalatha

20 Secondary Metabolites of Plants and their Impact on NematodesNangki Tagi, Jisna George and Ruthy Tabing  

21 An Overview of Agricultural Marketing and Agri-Business Schemes in Tamil Nadu - Hariprasath. M, N. V. GowshikNarendran, E. Manoj and R. Muthuvijayaragavan

22 Beneficial Role of Nematodes in Soil Health - Nangki Tagi , Jisna George and Ruthy Tabing

23 Biotic and Abiotic Stress of Plant - Jayashri Folane and Yashoda Etther

24 Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (VAM) Fungi as a Bio-Fertilizer - Jisna George and Nangki Tagi

25 Importance of Health Management in Changthangi (Pashmina) Goats - Shamim Ali, Mohsin Ayoub Mir and D. Namgyal

26 Bioagents for Management of Plant Parasitic Nematodes - Jisna George and Nangki Tagi

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