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VOLUME : 04             ISSUE: 12    DECEMBER 2023

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Cover Page and Index

01 Beyond Green: The Surprising Diversity of Plant Pigments and Their RolesPrathibha M.D.

02 An Introduction to Value and Propagation of KairRajneesh Sharma, Laxman Singh Rajput, Kartar Singh  and Saresh N V

03 Standardization of Suitable Mordant for Terminalia catappa L Leaf dye for Textile Dyeing through Alkali extractionM. Gowsalya , M. Mathivanan , K. Kumaran , P.Radha  and V. Kabinesh

04 Fostering Soil-Site Sustainability and Environmental Resource Sharing in Agroforestry SystemsClara Manasa P.A., Supriya K. Salimath and Manjunath Gooli

05 Entomopathogenic Fungi: A Promising Tool For Insect Pest controlAshwini D. Matte

06 Unveiling the Green Revolution: Biofertilizer’s Contribution to Sustainable AgricultureLuwangshangbam James Singh and Utpal Singha

07 Beekeeping is a Side Business to AgriculturePriyanka P. Patil

08 Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) - A Way towards Resilience, Food and Nutritional Security Augustina Saha, Shalini Sinha, Priyanka Ghatak, Urjashi Bhattacharya and Shirshendu Samanta

09 Illuminating the Future: Solar Energy for Sustainable Energy ConservationPriyanka Bhati, Anjali Juyal and Hemu Rathore

10 Important Role of Bt Cotton In Pest Management Priyanka P. Patil

11 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Fisheries and its Recent DevelopmentD. Arun Jenish and R.Velmurugan

12 Nux-vomica – The Strychnine Tree Macherla Chandana

13 Increase Resources Use Efficiency through Aeroponic for Sustainable Farming J. B. Vasave and R. R. Sisodiya

14 Eco Harmony: A Bio-Herbicide RevolutionJ. B. Vasave and R. R. Sisodiya

15 Effect of Drought on Crops and Management of DroughtJ. B. Vasave and R. R. Sisodiya

16 Role of Integration with Internet of Things (IoT) for sustainable Agriculture J. B. Vasave and R. R. Sisodiya

17 Approaches for Effective Irrigation Scheduling: Optimizing Water Use in AgricultureJ. B. Vasave and R. R. Sisodiya

18 Exploring the Benefits and Applications of Culinary Bliss: Edible coatingKamaldeep Kour and Monika Sood

19 Preserving Earth's Lifeblood: Strategies for Sustainable Soil Fertility Maintenance J. B. Vasave and R. R. Sisodiya

20 Exploring the Mode of Action of Herbicides: Unravelling the Molecular Mechanisms for Effective Weed ManagementJ. B. Vasave and R. R. Sisodiya

21 Understanding the Quality of Water and the Impact of WaterloggingJ. B. Vasave and R. R. Sisodiya

22 Fields of Possibility: The Next Agricultural RevolutionJ. B. Vasave and R. R. Sisodiya

23 Biodiversity Indices - M. Ponmani, S. Manickavasagam, P. Padmavathy and D. Manimekalai

24 Sustainable harvesting of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) Supriya K Salimath, and Clara Manasa P. A.

25 Agribusiness Potential of Commercial Crops in IndiaK. Naresh

26 A Comprehensive overview of Glycemic Index: Unraveling Its Impact on Physiological ResponsesHaobijam Sanjita Devi, Chongtham Rajiv, Leimapokpam Shivadutta Singh

27 Algal Bioreactors for Gray Water RemediationA.Senthilkumar, B. Bhakiyathu Saliha, R. Balamurugan, Geethu Jacob and J. Vinoth Raj

28 Integrated Pest Management in Medicinal CropsMetia T., Anokhe A. and Priyanshu Pawar

29 Integrated Pest Management of Fruit Borer (Helicoverpa armigera) of TomatoAkash Kotru, Archana Anokhe, Priyanshu Pawar

30 Role of Ecological Engineering in Pest ManagementChandrakesh Gautam, Archana Anokhe  and Priyanshu Pawar

31 Insect Pest Management in Organic Farming H S Hemanth Gowda, Archana Anokhe, Priyanshu Pawar

32 Theory and Principles of Integrated Pest Management Agrawal Jyoti, Anokhe Anokhe and Pawar Priyanshu

33 A Brief Overview of Juicy Suckers of SugarcanePradeep Raja Godugu, Archana Anokhe and Priyanshu Pawar

34 Pest Complex of Redgram and Their ManagementSharath R., Archana Anokhe, Priyanshu Pawar

35 Pest Management in Natural FarmingShivaraj, Archana Anokhe, Priyanshu Pawar

36 Bio Control Pest Management in Tropical Fruit Crops Shreya Maigur , Archana Anokhe  and Priyanshu Pawar

37 Induced Defense System against Insect Pests in CottonSuman Natua, Archana Anokhe and Priyanshu Pawar

38 Revitalization of Non-credit Cooperatives in India- An Institutional Framework Mahesh Kadam

39 Tree Bean: Underutilized Legume TreeP. Rajya Laxmi

40 Utilisation of Oil Palm Kernel Cake in Compound Feed for Feeding LivestockSanganamoni Shivashankar, K. Suresh, P. Anitha and A. Sathish

41 Parsley ( Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) Nym. ) K Nirosha

42 Morphological Characters, Life Cycle and Breeding Techniques of Pangasius hypothalamus – An OverviewMari Selvam Murugan, Manickavasagam S, Ponmani Muthu and Kavi Revanth

43 Zero Budget Natural Farming in Sustainable AgricultureAishwarya Rathod

44 Organic Farming: ConceptS. Manickavasagam, Ponmani Muthu, Nirmal T. and Kavi Revanth

45 Seed Village Concept- A Novel Approach of Seed DistributionP. Rajya Laxmi

46 Nanotechnology Revolutionizes Agriculture: Indicates Sustainable Crop Productivity with Minimizing Environmental DegradationSumana Balo, Nirmala Patel and Debasmita Das

47 RoselleP. Rajya Laxmi

48 Advancements in Agricultural Fertilizers: Nano Urea and Neem-Coated UreaJyoti L. Zirmire and Appa B. Bhane

49 Datepalm: An Introduction to Value, Cultivation and Challenges of its PropagationCharu Lata, Rajneesh Sharma, Laxman Singh Rajput and Ridhi Joshi

50 Role of WRKY Transcription Factors in Plant Disease Resistance Breeding Laxman Singh Rajput, Rajneesh Sharma, Kartar Singh Sumit Kumar Aggarwal, Sanjeev Kumar, and Hemant Singh Maheshwari

51 Integrated Pest and Disease Management of Citrus Nursery in North East IndiaP. K. Nimbolkar, Ajaykumara K. M., Joyshree Kharibam, M. Nobinchandra

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