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VOLUME : 04             ISSUE: 10    OCTOBER 2023

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Cover Page and Index

01 The Rise of Millet: Celebrating the International Year of Millet and Its Global Impact Ankit Pal, Alok Dube and Pradeep Kumar

02 Fig Stem Borer, Batocera rufomaculata (Coleoptera : Cerambycidae) – Damage and its Management Strategies -Oviya P., Swamy G. S. K. and Jayappa J.

03 Secondary Metabolites as Effectors in Trichoderma–Plant Interactions -Shadab  M. Khatib , Pooja P. S. and K. A. Sindhura

04 Embracing the Farm-to-Table Movement: Cultivating Connection through Fresh Fare -Divya Artis

05 Self-eDNA: Its Potential Role in Biotechnology -Shadab, M. Khatib, K. A. Sindhura and Pooja, P. S.

06 Integrated Management of Fall Armyworm in Maize Crop -Priyanka P. Patil

07 Value addition in Medicinal and Aromatic Crops -Macherla Chandana

08 Social Enterprises: Need of the Hour -Saba Sayed and Sonal S. Kadam

09 Cashew Apple – An Untapped Tropical Fruit -Shwetha Desai

10 Vertical Farming - A Sustainable Future of India -P. Rajya Laxmi

11 Sustainability Issues in Marine Fisheries Resource Management -Sahaya Vilovetheen Thilaka

12 Spent Coffee Grounds: Trash to Treasure -Shwetha Desai and Rajeshwari, R.

13 Tridax Procumbens L. : A Weed With Tremendous Medicinal Value -Shwetha Desai and Rajeshwari R.

14 Application of Deep Learning (AI) in Marine Fisheries Resource ManagementHari Prasad Mohale, P. jawahar, N. Jayakumar, G. Arul Oli, and T. Ravikumar

15 Habitat Management in Pest Control: Objectives and Technique -Chaitra Sarawad and Archana Anokhe

16 A Brief Overview of Insect pests of Aromatic Crops in India and their Management -Prantik Mazumder and Archana Anokhe

17 Pest Management in Protected Cultivation -Ankita and Archana Anokhe

18 Sky Hunters and their Territories -K. A. Sindhura, Shambhavi, T. , Pooja, P. S., Shadab, M. Khatib

19 Enzymes in the Food Sector: Current Applications -Seerat Gupta, Neeraj Gupta, Daman Preet Kour and Ankita Choudhary

20 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle And Its Applications In Integrated Pest Management -K. A. Sindhura, Shadab, M. Khatib and Pooja, P. S.

21 How do the Plants Perceive Signals? -Shadab, M. Khatib, Pooja, P. S. and K. A. Sindhura

22 Soil Test Crop Response (STCR) in Modern Agriculture -Aishwarya Rathod

23 Temperature Sensitivity of Soil Organic Carbonde Composition -Chetana Banasode and Srinivasa Prasad L

24 How is Life in the Sea affected by Climate Change? -Manickavasagam Samiyappan, Ponmani Muthub, Nirmal TC and Mari Selvam Muruganb

25 An Overview of Latest Information in Relation to Mangrove Ecosystem - IndiaManickavasagam Samiyappana, Ponmani Muthub, Mari Selvam Muruganb and Nirmal TC

26 Use of Nuclear Techniques In Soil Fertility And Plant NutritionSrinivasa Prasad L. and Chetana Banasode

27 Marine Environmental Indicators of Fish Distribution-An overview Manickavasagam Samiyappan, Ponmani Muthu and Nirmal T.

28 Importance of Studying Public Expenditure on Fisheries: Indian Context Suvetha Venkatachalapathi

29 Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) - An Overview Ponmani Muthu, S.Manickavasagam, P.Padmavathy and D.Manimekalai

30 Primary Productivity and its influence on Marine Fisheries Production -Ponmani Muthu, S.Manickavasagam, P.Padmavathy and D.Manimekalai

31 Protease Inhibitor and Its Role in Pest Management -K. A. Sindhura, Shadab, M. Khatib and Pooja, P. S.

32 Mealybugs as Vectors of Plant Viruses -K. A. Sindhura, Shadab M. Khatib and Pooja P. S.

33 Administration of Agriculture Marketing in Maharashtra -Shrikant Dharurkar

34 Rice-Based Beverage: An Important Agro-Based Product And Its Indispensable Significance in Nocte Community of Arunachal Pradesh, IndiaChamin Chimyang and Dawa Dolma Bhutia

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