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VOLUME : 02             ISSUE: 01        JANUARY  2021

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Cover Page and Index


01. Robotic Importance in the  Agriculture Industry: Cultivating Ideas for a Better Tomorrow Sumanth Kumar G. V., Uma V. and Chandana S. S.


02. Covid-19 Pandemic and Food Safety Surve V. D.


03. An Overview on Molecular Mechanism of Host Virus Interactions Rajneesh Thakur

04. Food Fortification Todays Need Salve R. V. and More S. G.

05. Post Harvest Diseases of Onion and their Management Wale V. D., Patil P. V. and Desai Y. S.


06. Indian Space Research Organisation- Current Meteorological Satellites and Recent Advances in Weather Forecasting Amit Bijlwan

07. Vitamin C Rich Indian Gooseberry “Amla” – A ReviewMaske S. V., John David, Dubbewar P.P., Shelke S. A.

08. FSSAI Initiative: Eat Right India Salve R.V. and Sontakke M.D.

09. Soil and Water Management towards Doubling Farmers Income Sakore G. D., Ajabe M. A. and Durgude A. G.

10. By-Product Utilization: Boon for Agriculture ProcessingPatil S.P. and Chavan S. V.

11. Use of Biotechnology in Apiculture Jadhav C. B., Adsure R. M. and Khaire P. B.

12. Kisan  Suvidha: An Online Guidance for Socio-Economic Improvement of Farmers Preeti Lata Singh and P. K. Singh

13. Farmers Bill 2020 is a Boon or BaneJ. Anusha

14. Women in Indian Agriculture -Drudgery Reducing Equipments for Farm Women S. Lokesh Babu and T. Sri Chandana

15. Courtship Behavior in InsectSushmita Thokchom

16. Potential Applications of Plant Biotechnology against SARS-CoV-2Adsure R. M., Adsure S. G. and Jadhav C.B.

17. Precision Farming-The Digital Approach Raheem Khan, Rokade H. N., Shinde G.U., and Kakade A.S.

18. Mineral Nutrition of Plants: Functions and Deficiency Symptoms of Nutrients Vitnor S. S., Ingole D. G. and Bharade V. M.

19. Rainwater Harvesting (RWH)-Climate Boosting Practice Raheem Khan, Nizam Khan, Rokade H. N., and Kakade A.S.

20. Dragon Fruit: A Wonder CropBabar R. R., Waghmare G. M., Jadhav A. R., Palghadmal R. M.

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