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VOLUME : 04             ISSUE: 09    SEPTEMBER 2023

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Cover Page and Index

01 Vegetative Techniques of Propagation in Fruit Crops  - Songthat William Haokip, Tabalique Yumkhaibam, Hau Ngaih Lian and K. H. Anush Sheikh

02 Strengthening of (Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies) PACS through (Farmer producer organisations) FPOs-A way forward of Integrated and Inclusive Development Hema Yadav and Mahesh Kadam

03 Unravelling the Mysteries of Plant Pathogens: Cutting-Edge Whole Genome Sequencing Techniques and their Recent Advances

Biradar Pratiksha Dnyanoba  and Patil Lalit Pandurang

04 The Power of Trichoderma: Boosting Plant Growth and Disease Control R. M. Shinde, R. T. Shende, Lado Sanjay Sharma and D. N. Damse

05 Millet: Nature's Nutritional Powerhouse -R. T. Shende, R. M. Shinde, and D. N. Damse

06 Milky Mushroom -Prdeep Singh Shekhawat

07 Marking of Load Lines in Ships-Emiema, S., Ravikumar, T., Mariappan, S., and  Velmurugan,R.

08 Patent Log- A Speed Measuring Device-Emiema S., Ravikumar T., Velmurugan R. and Mariappan S.

09 Fuel Saving Measures in Fishing Boats-Ravikumar T., Emiema S., Mariappan S., and  Velmurugan R.

10 Ohmic heating: An Industrial Approach for Food Processing-Sawant Sanket R.

11 Building Resilient Soils with Biochar: A Path to Sustainable Food Systems- Sk Md Asif

12 Importance and Uses of Ankol (Alangium Salvifolium) Ashok Yadav, Sandeep Garg, Rajul Gupta, Neha Gangwar, Prasad M. Sonwalkar, Vinay Nayak, A.K. Handa, Badre Alam, and A. Arunchalam

13 Phototheraphy: A Ray of Hope in Plant Disease Management Ganesh H.S.and  Jagadeesh, U.

14 The Interrelationship between Environment and Biotechnology -Soniya Khinchi, Anjali Juyal and Hemu Rathore

15 Enzymes from Fish Processing Waste and their Commercial Applications -Ulaganathan Arisekar

16 Heavy Metal in Marine Environment: Bioaccumulation, Tropical Transfer and Health Risk Implications -Ulaganathan Arisekar

17 Factors Involved in the Aeration of Pond -M.Ponmani,.P.Padmavathy, D.Manimekalai, S.Manickavasagam

18 The Potential of Seaweed Bioactives in Cosmeceuticals-B. Deepika  and P. Ganesan

19 Remote Sensing as a Tool for Locating the Potential Fishing Zones (PFZ)-Manickavasagam Samiyappan, Nirmal Tamilarasan, Ponmani Muthu, Mariappan S.,Sudhan C1, Mari Selvam Murugan and Kavi Revanth

20 Drudgery Remover: Boom Sprayer -Sunny Tikute, Himalaya Ganachari and Dikkar Prashant

21 Cooperative Incubation Centres for African Countries - A Way Forward for Social Entreprenurship Development -Hema Yadav and Mahesh Kadam

22 Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies (PACS) as Farmer producer organisations (FPOs)-A way forward for Cooperative Rural Development-Hema Yadav and Mahesh Kadam

23 DNA Molecular Markers in Forest Tree Breeding -Rakesh. M. Jaliya

24 Biofortification-Aishwarya Rathod

25 The Imperative Role of Fisheries Extension in the Growth of the Fisheries Sector in India-Suvetha Venkatachalapathi

26 PUFA’s in Fish- Imperative Demand for Health Benefits-S.Mariappan and T.Ravikumar

27 Green Oil Extraction Technologies Part (A): An Environmental Friendly Approach-Sawant Sanket R.

28 Seed Security Breach: Modes of Pathogen Invasion-Goskula Kiran, Konathachira Sreeja, Ankam Shashank, Ponaganti Shiva Kishore

29 Vegetative Techniques of Propagation in Fruit crops-Songthat William Haokip, Tabalique Yumkhaibam, Hau Ngaih Lian and KH. Anush Sheikh

30 Journey of Small Millets from Orphan Crops to Nutricereals -M. Jyostna Kiranmai, Arun Kumar Kondeti and Desam Lakshmi Kalyani 

31 India’s Innovation Wing: Fruit and Vegetable Technology Department,  CFTRI, Mysore -Nova H. J.

32 Artificial Reefs - The Underwater Treasures-Emiema S., Ravikumar T., and Mariappan S.

33 Sustainable Plant Disease Management -Prdeep Singh Shekhawat

34 The Important Information about Milky Mushroom -Prdeep Singh Shekhawat

35 Social Forestry: Empowering People and Nurturing the Environment -Dhengle, AS., Lade AH, Pidurkar PK and Guha S

36 Destructive Fishing Practices and Its Impact on Marine Environment-Ravikumar T., Mariappan S.and Emiema S.

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